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November 2nd, 2007 by xformed

Don’t even think about it, Navy/Coast Guard team!

This weekend is to do the work the big bloggers (John, Matt, Jimbo and Mrs G) won’t do – taking it to the streets.

They must just sit about, sipping coffee drinks with odd names, dreaming of victory (except for Mrs G, who might have not had her coffee and has fallen asleep at the wheel, like John the Zoomie did last year).

So, find some brew that appears to resemble the mid-watch coffee, get a full mug (borrow one from your CPO’s Mess is you’ve lost yours) and hit the bricks. Talk ValOUR-IT up something fierce, get them to nod and say (using the “repeat back” method of reinforcement): “I will go home, log on the net and contribute to our wounded service members, via the Navy/Coast Guard team.” Make them say it, without errors, three times in a row (it’s a memory thing) before you let them out of your vicinity.

Bring it home for Navy/Coast Guard!

End note: No “complaining” and whining. Get on with it. You know you’ll feel better when Monday’s number show it’s worth your effort…

Tracked back @: Steeljaw Scribe

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ValOUR-IT on the Radio 10/31/2007!

October 31st, 2007 by xformed

From FbL – today’s “Comm Plan:”

Valour-IT is going to be the subject on two different radio shows tomorrow (WEDNESDAY):

Patti will be talking about it live on at 0930 Eastern.

Mrs. Greyhawk and FbL will be talking about it on the Andrea Shea-King radio show at 2100 Eastern. Mrs. Greyhawk will also be talking about her recent meeting with the President.

Also…today will be a GREAT day for MEGEN…News at 11!

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MEGEN on the Road and With Recruiters

October 29th, 2007 by xformed

From sunny place, MEGEN makes an appearance.

Air Force Recruiter with MEGEN

FbL didn’t tell me she was going to let the trophy be handled by other than Navy personnel….particularly ones that show the same degree of interest Noonan did last campaign. No wonder they didn’t meet goal!
Marine Recruiter with MEGEN
On the other hand, the Green (well, ok, tan) machine looked like they are eager to get into the fight. I like that in a Marine!Tracked back @ Fuzzilicious ThinkingValOUR-IT Update, AM 10/29/2007: The sun is just rising, but the Navy/Coast Guard Team, during the mid-watch, has already begun collecting for the cause. I guess ther other three uniformed services haven’t had their coffee yet. Ladies and gentlemen of the USMC, USA and USAF, it’s “Stand To” time….get on it!

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MEGEN on the Road with Steeljaw Scribe – More Teasers

August 17th, 2007 by xformed

SJS sends another photo, taken on his wanderings, for our analysis. I guess it’s supposed to be as plain as the nose (wheel) (on) in our face, right?

Where art thou now? All the (Milblogging) world wonders…
Looks like it was taken on the 14th of the month. It wasn’t in Texas, ‘coz it’s not raining and there are no puddles in the frame. I’m guessing it’s the nose wheel of a P-3 variant, based on the shadow showing the port wing Allison turboprop engine nacelle. I’d also say the corrosion control crew hasn’t happened by in a while, either.Near a base gate in Brunswick, ME?AW1, chime in, if you’re not busy at a secret Milblogging Mini-Conference with Pops, I think you’re the answer man here…
Update 08/18/2007: I’m close, but on reflection, I realized a P-3 wouldn’t have a single tire on the nose wheel or the main mounts…So I got thinking F7F Tigercat…big engine on straight wing, but the main mount setup isn’t right either.
I’m drawing a blank. Sights around Norfolk are more my forte….All I can think of up that way is NAS Brunswick, and a Marine only aircraft would be out of place at a former USAF and now Navy air base….

Update 8/19/2007: SJS couldn’t take it anymore….he gave the answer in the comments section…It’s a P-2V Neptune….and it was at NAS Brunswick. ME.

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So Where’s MEGEN Now?

August 16th, 2007 by xformed

Steeljaw Scribe is on “vacation.” He not only graciously took his family along, but MEGEN of ValOUR-IT fame is being taken on a leisurely ride around the north east of this great Nation.

Now, besides getting pics of MEGEN along the way, he left his blog in the hands of some rather “youthful” writers, who are acting like teenagers left behind at home when Mom and Dad go out of town. You know, they ask all their surly friends over and begin defacing the place with abandon, while making derisive remarks about the advanced age of a retired Naval Captain. Take a look at the quality of SJS’ “apprentices” to get my drift. They aren’t hard to find. Maybe they’ll get a trip to the woodshed upon the “Old Man’s” return…

In the meantime, SJS forwarded these picture via email, from a located business center where he was on the 14th of August, with the question: “NOW Where’s MEGEN?” The single text based hint is “it ain’t in NoVA… ;).”
I don’t recognize much more than the machinery room, most likely in a basement, near a diesel generator. How about the rest of you? I can assume (and we all know what that means) it’s related to something Naval in origin…

MEGEN somewhere Aug 2007

Any guesses where MEGEN is?

The one visual hint sent along is this:
MEGEN surrounding hint

MEGEN’s surroundings for a hint (click for larger image)

Leave any guesses in the comments. Maybe SJS will pop in after a bit and let us know who’s been where MEGEN has been…and I sure hope he locked up the virtual beer tap before waving goodbye in the driveway.Update 08/18/2007:

It seems SJS continues to tell his best friend he’s going out for ice, but then comes back with the mostly liquid version after visitng the business center of the temporary lodgings…but he has informed us the SJBill is the one who figured out the location of the picture:

SJBill | | IP:

Howabout up in Maine? Mebbe the FV Sherman Zwicker? The schooner was built in Nova Scotia back in the 40s.


Aug 17, 10:27 PM

BZ, SJBill, for the refined eye needed to figure it out….

Here’s the “award” statement, with added context of the place where MEGEN was:

Steeljaw Scribe | | | IP:

…and SJBill wins the ceegar! 🙂 The one and the same, built in Lunenburg at the same shipyard that built the famed (and my personal favorite) Bluenose and Bluenose II fishing schooner. The Zwicker is part of the exhibit at the Maine Maritime Museum and from which, you can see the latest Arleigh Burke DDG being built in drydock over at Bath Iron Works.

Aug 18, 7:23 AM

Note the time stamp…I hate to think what he’ll be using the ice for this early in the morning…maybe to awake the younger generation from their “they need their sleep” sleep.

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Looking for MEGEN Pictures?

July 21st, 2007 by xformed

It’s taking a little time, but I think I have the flow for the photo-editing.

So far, I’m working through all the pictures of MEGEN Pinch took on his Norfolk, VA area tour. You can see them here.

Suggestion: Download them, print them out on a full sized piece of paper, then “pose” your favorites around for others to see, and also for photos of your own “Virtual MEGEN.” If you take some, contact me for the FTP site to send them to me.

I’ll keep at at and will get on AW1 Tim to ftp me his shots from Bath/Brunswick, ME.

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Where’s MEGEN? 07/2007

July 14th, 2007 by xformed

MEGEN at the Norfolk Memorial for the USS IOWA Turret Crew
At the USS IOWA Turret Nr 2 Gun Crew Memorial in Norfolk, VA
It seems “Pinch” Paisley was on a road trip and took some time to get pictures and publicity for the ValOUR-IT project the week of the 4th of July, while doing some active duty time…Stay turned for more outstanding naval settings where MEGEN has been showing up at!

Update 07/16/2007: Pinch has posted an entire set of great photos of MEGEN, in the company with ships a and planes and at memorials. Not only are they fun to look at, but they are great to copy and send around to your friends, complete with an explanation of the ValOUR-IT program!

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Slow, I Know

June 8th, 2007 by xformed

Between work, and too many grand ideas, and being engrossed in the story of Preble and Decatur working over Tripoli, I haven’t gotten much up her the last two days.

MEGEN is still lurking about. A new, diabolical plot is being hatched. Some digital editing has already happened, but I need some organizational graphics to add before the roll out of the project, suggested by an astute member of Team Navy.

Fun for all, mind you, and many will be able to participate.

Last night I took time off to view the idiot box and settled in on “Creature Tech.” Vanderwall’s force. Learn it and get with the program, it will help you with attaching in the future!

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Where’s MEGEN? 06/05/2007

June 5th, 2007 by xformed

MEGEN is no longer in a dark USPS box. MEGEN is far north, and has a busy schedule planned for this week, and arrangements have been made to be seen around some very memorable Navy related locations….

Plans are in the works for printable pictures of MEGEN, to be used to pose and be posed with, at the suggestion of Flag Gazer (who has a wonderful blog to memorialize those who have fallen).

Details to follow….as well as some OUTSTANDING! pictures next week – or sooner if it works out.

Stay tuned.

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Where’s MEGEN? 5/30/2007

May 30th, 2007 by xformed

MEGEN spent the afternoon at the beach the other evening and will soon be the subject of a short video. If you’ve been watching a little TV in the last few months, you might fully appreciate the theft of intellectual property used as a model, but just the same, I’m willing to bet you’ll have a wry smile on your face when you’re done watching it.

I just have to get to a computer with the right software to make sure the overlay fades in correctly….

Tomorrow, MEGEN will begin a longer journey to other distinctly naval environs, and there are more volunteers lined up with places for backdrops.

Stay tuned, tonight the snark email heads out to the other service team leaders.

OPORD and SOPs will be promulgated via “eyes only” to the Navy ValOUR-IT Team and also those who have come aboard for this operation. Check your email in boxes regularly!

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