MEGEN on the Road with Steeljaw Scribe – More Teasers

August 17th, 2007 by xformed

SJS sends another photo, taken on his wanderings, for our analysis. I guess it’s supposed to be as plain as the nose (wheel) (on) in our face, right?

Where art thou now? All the (Milblogging) world wonders…
Looks like it was taken on the 14th of the month. It wasn’t in Texas, ‘coz it’s not raining and there are no puddles in the frame. I’m guessing it’s the nose wheel of a P-3 variant, based on the shadow showing the port wing Allison turboprop engine nacelle. I’d also say the corrosion control crew hasn’t happened by in a while, either.Near a base gate in Brunswick, ME?AW1, chime in, if you’re not busy at a secret Milblogging Mini-Conference with Pops, I think you’re the answer man here…
Update 08/18/2007: I’m close, but on reflection, I realized a P-3 wouldn’t have a single tire on the nose wheel or the main mounts…So I got thinking F7F Tigercat…big engine on straight wing, but the main mount setup isn’t right either.
I’m drawing a blank. Sights around Norfolk are more my forte….All I can think of up that way is NAS Brunswick, and a Marine only aircraft would be out of place at a former USAF and now Navy air base….

Update 8/19/2007: SJS couldn’t take it anymore….he gave the answer in the comments section…It’s a P-2V Neptune….and it was at NAS Brunswick. ME.

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8 responses about “MEGEN on the Road with Steeljaw Scribe – More Teasers”

  1. Steeljaw Scribe said:

    Warm…very warm… And if AW1 Tim doesn’t pony up, maybe his partner in crime, LT Irving Glick can… 😉

  2. sid said:

    I’m thinkin’ A-3

  3. sid said:

    Nope, not an A-3

  4. Steeljaw Scribe said:

    Oooo…, so close yet so far (off) 😉

  5. Steeljaw Scribe said:

    Oooo… so close yet so far (off)>

  6. AW1 Tim said:


    yeah, sorry I got to the party late. It’s a P-2V alright. There’s one plus a P-3B sitting up on Brunswick right now as part of the base decorating scheme. The interest is in what will happen to them in 2011 when the base closes.

    Right now, it is hoped that they will be moved over by where the Base Chapel is, so that they may become part of the memorial garden located there. It has trees and plaques with the names of folks lost through the years at Brunswick. Hopefully, they’ll leave it alone, but at present, the people on the reuse comittee are not making any promises.


  7. sid said:

    Dammmit! When I googled up a P-2 the best detail I could find was on a firefighter which didn’t have that landing light in the same place, so I passed on.

    Oh well…

    Chow on the wing beam!

  8. The Steeljaw Scribe said:

    Where Is (Was) MEGEN? SJS Edition…

    So whereÂ’d MEGEN go with the Scribe household? Never thought youÂ’d askÂ……

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