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This list pulls the links I had on the “junior” blog. It also separates them with greater definition, in case you’d like more of a decsription than the service the blogs are connected with.

NOTE: Please excuse the lack of complete formatting. It will take a few days to get this straightened out! Thanks.

–Official Military Sites–


Dark Country film

–Supporting our Military–

Valour-IT Project – Make a Donation here!

Fuzzy Bear Lioness

Soldier’s Dad

Semper Fi Fund – Help Wounded Marines

America Supports You

Corporal Nich

>>>BLOGVELS< <<<

Elsewhere movie

Rythyms – A Tale of the Sea

***Good commentary***

The Military Outpost

Michael Yon

Little Green Footballs

Arthur Chrenkoff

Fjord Man

A Free Iraqi

The Middle Ground

Roger, Houston


Right Thinking Girl

My Newsz n Ideas

Girl in Right

Winds of Change

Eject!, Eject!, Eject!

The Irish Lass

Dawn’s Early Light

The Countervailing Force *NEW*!

####Military Blogs####

MilBlog Ring List

—-Ground Pounders—-

Mudville Gazette

Tanker Brothers

Sgt Hook

Black Five

Redleg 7

Sic Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

Firepower Forward

Armor Geddon

Assumption of Command

Counter Column

From My Position

A Line in the Sand

Soldier’s Paradise II

Airborne Hog Society

Robert Rees

The Quonset Hut

Fun with Hand Grenades

Green to Grey to Gold


No Pundit Intended

Alternative to Work

GI Korea Blog

Courage Without Fear

I’m in it for the Clothes and the Food

Chaplain Kline 3rd ID Chaplain


Neptunus Lex

Fraser from Iraq

Vulture’s Row

Flatland Chronicles

Foreign Object Damage

Southern Air Pirate

INstapinch *NEW*!


Buzz Patterson

Air Force Blog

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the World

Patriot Voices

The Kommentariat

Subliminal KoolAid

Euphoric Reality

One Heckuva Roar

Ghraib Danger

C-130 Crew Chief

Air Force Pundit

Desert Odyssey


Anti-Media *NEW*!

Eagle Speak

Yankee Sailor

Citizen Smash

Cdr Salamander

Bow Ramp

The Primary Main Objective

Sgt Foley’s Fire-Eaters

Roanoke: The Lost Colony dvdrip

DSS Hubris

LargeBill Pontificates

Random Thoughts of Another Military Member

Hoorah the Blog

Live from the FDNF

Crazy Politics

Foreign Object Damage *NEW*!

Ben-Hur film —-Sinkers—–


The Stupid Shall be Punished


Sound General Quarters

Snapshot Tube 2

Submarine Sailor

Moltern Eagle

The Periscope Journal *NEW*!

—–Life Savers——

Doc in the Box

Combat Doc

Female Combat Medic


Froggy Rumminations

SF Alpha Geek

Jack Army

SEAL Quest


SandGram *NEW*!


Marine Corps Mom

The Green Side

Mike the Marine

Warrior’s Voice

Major Mike



The Gun Line American Beauty dvdrip

Hello Iraq

Hollywood Marine

Stacking Swivel


Grunt Sgt

Live in Iraq

NeoCon Gone Marine

Politics of a Patriot

—-Citizen Soldiers—-

Major K

365 and a Wake Up

Boots in Baghdad

The National Guard Experience

Hello from Hell

Whos Your Baghdaddy?

Watch Your Six


463rd Engineer Battalion

—-Staff Corps——

The JAG-ged Edge

JAG Central

Experiences in the Navy

—–Military Family Members——

Marine Corps Mom

Yankee Mom *NEW*!

——Good Stuff——–

Space Daily

Operation Iraqi Children

Rantings of a Sandmonkey

Peakah’s Provocations

The Aztec Club

Tin Can Sailors

Haze Gray


E-Sword – Free Bible Software

Defend the Defenders

Firefighter Gifts


The Dilbert Blog


Samantha Burns

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