Thunderbolt Across Europe: A History of the 83rd Infantry Division 1942-1945

January 20th, 2018 by xformed

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I’m not sure what to call the book, but in the Navy we call them “Cruise Books,” that record an overseas deployment. The title of the post if taken from the title page of the book.



Cpl R.A. Witnik, US Army
This book was given to me by a family member of Cpl. R.A.Witnik (deceased), who was, as told to me by the family, a 37mm Anti-Tank Gun crew member in the 331st Combat Regiment of the 83rd Division.

I had the book scanned and then ran the images through optical character recognition to make it a searchable PDF document. I also have the same type book from the 33st Combat Regiment, which I’m working on processing in the same manner to post for reading.

The content is unique in my experience, having not seen any of these pictures before. Also the narratives read like conversations, not like professional writers/editors generated the content.

In the meantime, enjoy the read!


Updated 1/24/18:  And I have this in hand, too.  Think a honest to God WWII worn CIB in there:

Update 1/23/18: 19 min video documentary of 83rd Infantry Division:

Also:  Division site  They are having a reunion Aug 5th, 2018.

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