MEGEN on the Road and With Recruiters

October 29th, 2007 by xformed

From sunny place, MEGEN makes an appearance.

Air Force Recruiter with MEGEN

FbL didn’t tell me she was going to let the trophy be handled by other than Navy personnel….particularly ones that show the same degree of interest Noonan did last campaign. No wonder they didn’t meet goal!
Marine Recruiter with MEGEN
On the other hand, the Green (well, ok, tan) machine looked like they are eager to get into the fight. I like that in a Marine!Tracked back @ Fuzzilicious ThinkingValOUR-IT Update, AM 10/29/2007: The sun is just rising, but the Navy/Coast Guard Team, during the mid-watch, has already begun collecting for the cause. I guess ther other three uniformed services haven’t had their coffee yet. Ladies and gentlemen of the USMC, USA and USAF, it’s “Stand To” time….get on it!

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2 responses about “MEGEN on the Road and With Recruiters”

  1. FbL said:

    Bad News: ChipIn widgets are not showing team totals

    Good News: ChipIn widgets ARE collecting the team donation information, just not showing it. They’re supposed to update every five minutes, but obviously there’s something going on with their servers.

    But since they DO have the info, everything should show up when the widgets start updating again.

  2. FbL said:

    Oops! Wrong post, haha!

    Thanks for the link, though.

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