D-1: 2007 ValOUR-IT Drive

October 28th, 2007 by xformed

Time to review the checklists and then get some shut eye before the Mid-Watch tonight.

Review your email program contact lists…check all the commenters on your blog (extract their email addy), and shuffle through that pile of business cards in your desk drawer.

H-Hour is 290001 OCT 2007. $60K for the Navy/Coast Guard, but…$240K is the end game

The link to join a team, and/or to donate has been put up by the ever hard working Holly Aho, and assisted by Rusty Bill.

Grab your widgets and edit them into your site. Run out the guns and be prepared for a spirited run against the “other” forces. They have Chuck Z out at Las Vegas, banging the drum and you can bet he won’t tell the audience about any donate button besides the one for the Army. Mostly rude on his part, but…it’s all about the competition from now until midnite on the 11 of November.

The V-IT bulletin board is warming up and more players registering there. FbL has posted lots of general and specific info there, plus it’s a place to take potshots at the other teams/bloggers, as well.

Let’s ROLL!

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5 responses about “D-1: 2007 ValOUR-IT Drive”

  1. Flag Gazer said:

    Ready to Roll……….

  2. Rusty Bill said:

    Buttons and banners supporting this year’s fundraiser can be found at http://home.grandecom.net/~cvproj/valour-it/valour-it.htm

  3. Marvin said:

    Reporting in:

    Haze gray and underway.

  4. FbL said:

    Bad News: ChipIn widgets are not showing team totals

    Good News: ChipIn widgets ARE collecting the team donation information, just not showing it. They’re supposed to update every five minutes, but obviously there’s something going on with their servers.

    But since they DO have the info, everything should show up when the widgets start updating again.

  5. Hooah Wife and friends » Blog Archive » HOOAH Roundup said:

    […] Chaotic Synaptic Activity is going all out for the Navy/Coast Guard team for this competition, and has even come up with a Bulletin Board where competitors can exchange information (read ‘take potshots at other teams/bloggers’:) […]

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