Where’s MEGEN? 5/30/2007

May 30th, 2007 by xformed

MEGEN spent the afternoon at the beach the other evening and will soon be the subject of a short video. If you’ve been watching a little TV in the last few months, you might fully appreciate the theft of intellectual property used as a model, but just the same, I’m willing to bet you’ll have a wry smile on your face when you’re done watching it.

I just have to get to a computer with the right software to make sure the overlay fades in correctly….

Tomorrow, MEGEN will begin a longer journey to other distinctly naval environs, and there are more volunteers lined up with places for backdrops.

Stay tuned, tonight the snark email heads out to the other service team leaders.

OPORD and SOPs will be promulgated via “eyes only” to the Navy ValOUR-IT Team and also those who have come aboard for this operation. Check your email in boxes regularly!

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