Where’s MEGEN? 07/2007

July 14th, 2007 by xformed

MEGEN at the Norfolk Memorial for the USS IOWA Turret Crew
At the USS IOWA Turret Nr 2 Gun Crew Memorial in Norfolk, VA
It seems “Pinch” Paisley was on a road trip and took some time to get pictures and publicity for the ValOUR-IT project the week of the 4th of July, while doing some active duty time…Stay turned for more outstanding naval settings where MEGEN has been showing up at!

Update 07/16/2007: Pinch has posted an entire set of great photos of MEGEN, in the company with ships a and planes and at memorials. Not only are they fun to look at, but they are great to copy and send around to your friends, complete with an explanation of the ValOUR-IT program!

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2 responses about “Where’s MEGEN? 07/2007”

  1. Kasey Homan said:

    the Iowa will never be forgotten in my family

  2. Sanjay said:

    This is just what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing

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