November 2nd, 2007 by xformed

Don’t even think about it, Navy/Coast Guard team!

This weekend is to do the work the big bloggers (John, Matt, Jimbo and Mrs G) won’t do – taking it to the streets.

They must just sit about, sipping coffee drinks with odd names, dreaming of victory (except for Mrs G, who might have not had her coffee and has fallen asleep at the wheel, like John the Zoomie did last year).

So, find some brew that appears to resemble the mid-watch coffee, get a full mug (borrow one from your CPO’s Mess is you’ve lost yours) and hit the bricks. Talk ValOUR-IT up something fierce, get them to nod and say (using the “repeat back” method of reinforcement): “I will go home, log on the net and contribute to our wounded service members, via the Navy/Coast Guard team.” Make them say it, without errors, three times in a row (it’s a memory thing) before you let them out of your vicinity.

Bring it home for Navy/Coast Guard!

End note: No “complaining” and whining. Get on with it. You know you’ll feel better when Monday’s number show it’s worth your effort…

Tracked back @: Steeljaw Scribe

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3 responses about “AAAHHH! The WEEKEND is Here!”

  1. Steeljaw Scribe said:

    Flightdeck Friday: Valour-IT Video Edition…

    So itÂ’s not Friday – but as promised here, presented for your viewing pleasure, a special video – classic footage set to music:…

  2. Mrs G said:

    WAKE UP! and suck in my vapor trail, Air Force is kicking your arse. 😛

  3. springbored said:

    Since you’re one of the folks who invited me to this party, I think we Team Navy people can use my liberal (EEK! I know, I know) status to our advantage.

    Michelle Malkin (along with a bunch of commentors) just posted (Nov 3 post) that they’d pay up for each liberal blogger who joined Valor-IT. So can you email Malkin and tell her “we’ve got a liberal blog over here” and get her to pay up–Team Navy!! Don’t let her give it to the Marines!


    (I can’t help but wonder if Valor-IT navy bloggers–for a day–re-labeled themselves as “liberal.” Wouldn’t Malkin have to pay…even more?)

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