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My "Famous" Last Words?

December 1st, 2008 by xformed

Sure, if I plagerize someone (or copy and paste their work)…

Your Famous Last Words Will Be:

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“Look ma! No hands!”

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What Will Your Famous Last Words Be? Napoleon Dynamite release

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Last Day for VALOUR-IT: A Time for Thanksgiving

November 27th, 2008 by xformed

Life of Brian trailer

Financial times are a bit rough, but those who stood the watch on our behalf, and returned to the States with less than a full set of abilities paid dearly. You can help put them on the track to success in life by providing some technology that will assist in, first, their recovery from the wounds and then secondly, as a springboard to the work force they will enter.In addition to just donating money, you also have the opportunity to participate in auctions on eBay and possibly come away with some fine books, most of them signed by the authors. Personally, “Six Frigates” by Ian Toll is my recommendation.The thermometer at the top and top left (with the Haze Grey background) have the “Make Donation” button there for your use to send some funds to thei great project.

Broken Flowers trailer

download Scary Movie 4

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download Napoleon Dynamite

For all those who have supported this cause, whether from today, or in the several years of the lifetime of the effort, I thank you for those you have helped. I’m sure those men and women who received the benefit of your charity are more grateful than we can ever know as a result, also.

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Stop the Murdoch (Flt 93) Memorial Blogburst: No, the Mecca-orientation of the Crescent of Embrace is NOT a product of the landform

November 26th, 2008 by xformed

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Defenders of the Flight 93 memorial repeatedly insist that the Mecca orientation of the giant crescent HAS to be a coincidence. It is completely determined, they insist, by the landform, the path of Flight 93, and the impact point, leaving no room for intent to enter.

Of course it is crazy to think that, so long as it is just an unfortunate coincidence, there is nothing wrong with planting a giant Mecca-oriented crescent (the central feature of a mosque) on the graves of our murdered heroes. About as crazy, actually, as thinking that the Mecca-orientation of the giant crescent could really be a coincidence. First architect Paul Murdoch just innocently comes up with a half mile wide Islamic-shaped crescent to honor the victims of Islamic terrorism, then he innocently places the Sacred Ground Plaza between the tips of the giant crescent, in the position of the star on an Islamic crescent and star flag, then he innocently just happens to point this entire crescent-and-star-flag configuration at Mecca (and on and on and on).

When the nation saw the second airliner hit the Trade Towers, everyone immediately knew that the first impact was no accident. The more airplanes that Paul Murdoch flies into the Flight 93 memorial, the more the Memorial Project thinks it HAS to be an accident. Its just TOO OUTLANDISH to think that an Islamic enemy could attack us out of the blue and unawares in such a henious way. What precedent is there for thinking that such a thing could even be possible? (Knock, knock, knock.) And so the more evidence they are confronted with, the more impossible it seems, and the more they insist that Murdoch HAS to be innocent.

Okay, so they are WILLFULLY blind. Even so, they still need an excuse to hang their willful blindness on, and part of Murdoch’s evil genius is to supply these excuses. That is where this trope about the crescent design being dictated by the landscape comes from. It comes from Murdoch, and is actually one of his most brilliant deceptions.

Murdoch’ PRELIMINARY DESIGN actually can be seen as dictated by the landform, the flight-path, and the point of impact

Before any designs were submitted, the Memorial Project gave all the design contestants a site organization map that labeled the “the ridgeline,” “the bowl,” “the crash site,” and “the flight path.” Architect Paul Murdoch claims that all he did was combine these elements by having the flight path symbolically “break” the circular bowl shape, creating the giant Crescent of Embrace design. If you start a crescent at the point where the flight path crosses the ridgeline, and follow the rim of “the bowl” around the ridgeline to create a crescent that “embraces” the Sacred Ground where Flight 93 crashed, then you get the Crescent of Embrace design. Since this procedure uniquely determines the orientation of the crescent, there is no room for the orientation to be determined by anyone’s intent. If it faces Mecca, it HAS to be a coincidence.

This argument actually works, but only when applied to Paul Murdoch’s ORIGINAL Crescent of Embrace design, which did NOT point to Mecca. Take a look:

Site features and preliminary crescent design, small

Click for larger image.

The site organization map (left), shows “the bowl,” bordered by “the ridge,” along with the flight path and the crash site. Murdoch’s preliminary Crescent of Embrace design (right), uses the point where the flight path crosses the ridge/bowl as the end point for a crescent that has the Sacred Ground centered between its crescent tips. Resulting orientation: 11.1°. clockwise from north, which is 44.1° north of Mecca.

The explanatory notes in the preliminary design are perfectly accurate when they describe the crescent as focused on the Sacred Ground:

A curving arc of maple trees along a walkway unites the ridge and forms an edge to the bowl, with a focus on the Sacred Ground.

It is also correct to say that this crescent and its orientation are uniquely determined (to within 5° or so) by the landform, the flight path and the crash site. If the crescent arc were extended much further then it would no longer point to the Sacred Ground. (The amount of curve between the end points of the crescent does not matter. Murdoch established the curve of his original crescent by smoothing the curved shape of the ridge line.)

If THIS crescent is uniquely determined by the combination of landform, flight path and crash site, then the final Crescent of Embrace design, rotated 42.3° further to the east, obviously CANNOT be determined by these factors. By extending the crescent in his final design to match the full Islamic crescent shape (covering about 2/3rds of a circle of arc), Murdoch created a crescent that no longer points to the Sacred Ground:


A Mysterylaska divx

The bisector of the crescent in Murdoch’s final Crescent of Embrace design points approximately 1.8 ° north of Mecca (marked “qibla”). Notice that the bisector of this Mecca-oriented crescent does not even touch the Sacred Ground, but crosses through the upper portion of the Sacred Ground Plaza that sits up the flight path from the Sacred Ground.

While the crescent no longer points to the Sacred Ground, Murdoch still PRETENDS that it does. Asked last summer about the orientation of the crescent, Project Superintendent Joanne Hanley and architect Paul Murdoch both claimed that it points to the Sacred Ground:

Further, [Hanley] added, it is still unclear exactly where on the landscape the memorial will even be situated. It could move as much as 200 yards, she said, discounting the idea that it faces Mecca.”The only thing that orients the memorial is the crash site,” she said.

Mr. Murdoch reinforced that idea.

“It’s oriented toward the Sacred Ground,” he said. “It just couldn’t be clearer.”

Hanley may be honestly duped, but Murdoch knows full well that the crescent does not point to the Sacred Ground. Such an orientation would ruin his mosque design, not just because a Sacred Ground oriented crescent would no longer point to Mecca, but also because it would place the graves of the infidels in the location of the star on an Islamic flag, leaving them inside the symbolic Islamic heavens. Blasphemy!

Murdoch has a very different symbolism in mind for the star on his giant crescent and star flag. In the top third of the Sacred Ground Plaza, centered on the bisector of the giant crescent, in the exact position of the star on an Islamic flag, sits a separate upper section of Memorial Wall, inscribed with the 9/11 date. The date goes to the star on the Islamic flag. The date goes to the terrorists


The duping of David Beamer

At this August’s public meeting of the Memorial Project, David Beamer (father of Flight 93 hero Todd Beamer) came out to counter Tom Burnett Sr.’s protests against the crescent design.

Mr. Beamer declared that he had performed several months of due diligence investigating the warnings about the crescent design, by which he presumably meant that he had checked at least a few of our factual claims, like the Mecca orientation of the giant crescent (now called a broken circle). But instead of reporting the results of his fact-checking, Beamer changed the subject. He did not say a single word about the accuracy of any of our claims, but only reported how he had met with architect Paul Murdoch and was satisfied that Murdoch’s design properly honors his son and the other murdered heroes of Flight 93.

If he actually did any fact checking, then he is fully aware that the giant crescent DOES point within 2° of Mecca, in which case there is only one plausible explanation for Beamer declaring the design innocent. Murdoch must have convinced him that the crescent orientation is determined by the landform, the flight path and the crash site, so that its orientation on Mecca HAS to be coincidence.

If Mr. Beamer had bothered to talk to the person who has been warning of an enemy plot then Alec Rawls would have explained to him that no, these physical facts about the crash site do NOT yield a Mecca-oriented crescent. They yield a crescent that points 44° north of Mecca. It is a very strange concept of due diligence to trust the assurances of the person one is being warned is an enemy operative while refusing to talk to the person who is issuing warnings

Very strange too, to think that just because one is convinced that the Mecca orientation of the crescent is a coincidence, that somehow makes it okay to deny the Mecca orientation when speaking to the press and the public, as several Project spokesmen have now done. The fact that Beamer and Hanley and other Project Partners have been duped be Murdoch”s explanations would be of little consequence if they just let the public know what they know, so the American people can decide for themselves whether the fact that it might be a coincidence makes it okay to plant the world’s largest Mecca-direction indicator on the Flight 93 crash site.

Obviously the answer would be “NO!” and this nightmare would be over. It is the lying that is the problem. Hanley et. al. can be a bunch of dupes if they want, but they have no right to deceive the public about what they know.

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11/22/2008: Victory in Iraq Day

November 22nd, 2008 by xformed

It has arrived:  “VI DAY.”Zombie has a round up of many posts and reports The Visual Bible: The Gospel of John dvd Where Eagles Dare full movie

buy I Love Miami

The Attic divx from around the net (including the latest report from Michael Yon) that reflects the change from a the opening days of the invasion, to the people walking freely about Baghdad, shopping, socializing and, most importantly, living.It almost was derailed by nay-sayers on one side of the aisle and RINOs on the other, but due to the vision set on a mission, our Military, and supporter by many others, have brought a peace and stability, and a quantum leap forward in human rights to the people of Iraq.

As we say in the Navy at time such as this: “BRAVO ZULU!” (Well done!)

Lives have been lost, but the price paid has ensured freedom and safety that could be gained in no other manner, given the enemy we faced.

Want to join in? Go to Zombie’s post and grab some graphics and put it on your blog, too!

Final note: Have you seriously considered a donation to the Project VALOUR-IT fund? You know, it helps those who made this day a reality for our nation and the people of Iraq. Go here, read about the program, and consider chipping in a little for a great cause (to Team Navy…unless, of course you just have to put your money elsewhere).

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Stop the Murdoch (Flt 93) Memorial Blogburst: “We have an Islamist design here that can't go forward, please.”

November 15th, 2008 by xformed

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Powerful video of Tom Burnett Senior and Alec Rawls at the August 2nd Memorial project meeting. The clip below is Part 1 of Alec’s new video exposé, starting with Mr. Burnett ‘s appeal to the American people to please help him stop the Park Service from planting a giant Islamic shaped crescent atop his son’s grave.

embedded by Embedded Video

Part one: it points to Mecca. Clip covers the Mecca orientation of the giant crescent, the phony redesign, and the crescent-topped minaret. Lots of unaired news video and animated graphics, bookended with the coolest spaghetti western music ever.A terror war battle that we can still win, despite a president-elect who does not want to fightRational people still want to defeat the Islamofascist enemy, but half of the electorate will now get its way in pretending that there is no Reach for the Sky move enemy. Exposing and stopping the terrorist Memorial to flight 93 is a chance for the rest of us to still achieve victory, and on multiple fronts at once. Not only can we foil an enemy plot, but we can at the same time expose the willful blindness of those peace-at-any-cost countrymen who are engaged in blatant cover-up

of the most damning facts about the crescent design.

These are the two battles we need to win. We have to expose and stop the deceptive agents of Islamic conquest, and we have to expose and stop the peacenik cover-up of every enemy threat.

We also need to stop the re-hijacking of Flight 93 for its own sake. Just listen to Mr. Burnett’s insistence on a proper memorial for his son Tom and the other heroes. Yes, the battle over the memorial is only symbolic, but as our Democrat-controlled media just proved by delivering Obama to the presidency, it is the information war that ultimately determines everything.

To those conservatives who have been staying away from the memorial controversy, please reconsider. All of our claims about the Memorial are easy to verify. This is a real attack on our country, and in the age of Obama, it is a rare battle that we are still in a position to win. The father of one of America’s greatest heroes is pleading for your help, but he is also offering tremendous help, if you will only hear him out.

(To join our blogbursts, just send Trailer Park Boys: The Movie psp Noelle movies your blog’s url.)

A Veterans Day Week appeal from Flopping Aces His Musical Career movie

One of our blogburst participants, Curt at Flopping Aces, e-mails a reminder about the great work done by the VALOUR-IT program at Soldiers’ Angels, delivering computer-based help to wounded soldiers.

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VALOur-IT 2008: New and Improved!

November 11th, 2008 by xformed

It’s time again, readers to take on the challenge of “change” our wounded service members can be transformed by. We’ll never to be able to make them “good as new,” but we sure can help fund technology to make live more livable and, when they hit the civilian workforce, successful. Yes, we can!’s time once again to BEAT ARMY!Dates: It’s on. 11/11/200 – 11/27/2008.Goal: $250K. Team Navy’s bogey: Ever penny you can scrape up….or $50K, which ever is biggest.

Good News: The US Coast Guard, after two years of begging have their own team!

Bad news (for the Coasties): Be careful what you wish for, when you ask to be “equal.” 🙂

Don’t know about VALOur-IT? A program of the most excellent Soldier’s Angels. Details of the specific program to provide technology, in the form of laptops with voice activated software to those with disabilities in the areas of sight or mobility are here.

New and improved, it is! Now, in addition to laptops, items to help provide physical therapy (Nnitendo Wiis do great), aiding in over coming Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) effects and memory loss (GPS systems for those working to be on their own) are being purchased and put in the hands of those who have come back from combat.

You can go an donate here The Little Kidnappers move

If you’re a blogger/website owner and want to join up, at the bottom of the donation page, you can add your name to a service team and get the word out, links are at the bottom of the donation page.

Team Navy is being led by Gahlran of the awesome blog Information Dissemination. Sleuth video Relentless Enemies dvdrip

Moondance Alexander ipod If you’ve not found this excellent professional naval/maritime blog, you’re missing out. Bookmark him for your reading pleasure. He also has some good basic info about the program in his opening post on the drive

download Baseline Killer


Oh, the picture above is MEGEN. We want her back!

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Oct 25th, XXXX

October 25th, 2008 by xformed

To me, this day is once of great significance. Early in my blogging, I responded to the voice saying “Find out what day Paul Carr died.” If you have been a long time reader here, you’ll see his name is displayed many times across the last 4 years and a month. The journey to discover the story of that man led me down a path to the day, independent of the year, and I have found several amazing military historical events tied to this day across several centuries.

The most significant connection in my process of discovery was the manner in which Paul Henry Carr ended his life. Selfless, on mission, and disregarding the cost, as there was a larger picture to serve than just himself, in the agony he must have been suffering from physically.He lost his life in MT 52 of the USS SAMUEL B ROBERTS (DE-413) at the last major naval battle in history this day in 1944.Dick Rohde, a radioman Dane Cook: Isolated Incident video Aquamarine download was there too. He allowed me to sit for an afternoon and ask about the battle.CAPT Amos T. Hathaway, USN (Ret) was at that battle. He became my professor at The Citadel for Computer Science, and I never took the time to sit and ask why he woare a ribbon for a Navy Cross when I had the opportunity across at least an entire semester. Lesson learned – Talk to them when you can, for one day thay will be ghosts and the story of their lives is now other people’s memories, at best.

In researching another incredible story of heroism, I found out that Cpl Desmond T. Doss, US Army

was on the beach at Leyte Gulf, and may have been stranded from support and defeated in detail, had Taffy 3 not charged into battle, against incredible odds, with essentially no hope of survival. LCDR Evans was one such man, Stateside download download Lords of Dogtown Between Love & Goodbye film

Scorched ipod

and his legacy was, as with Paul Carr and Desmond Doss, dedication to the mission above self. My connection to Desmond Doss? While a third grader, son of a civil servant, we took a family walk through the nearby sugar cane field to be told the story of a brave man, while standing over the small granite monument to his courage on the Meada Escarpment on Okinawa. I also missed meeting Desmond Doss. He passed away March 23rd, 2006.

When did this conscious trip into history begin? October, 1988. Not exactly then, as I was completing turn over as XO from Tom Brown, but over the next 18 months, as I found information in the USS CARR’s (FFG-52) files and took the time to read the battle reports of a time 44 years earlier, I became engaged in the story.

I became more engaged in the larger picture 10 years ago today, as Dr Powers, at First Baptist Church in Norfolk, VA, talked of a man named Jonah, who paid to run from his destiny, both in cold hard cash and with his person for three days. I got it. My life has not been my own since that sermon.

October 25th is a significant day in history.

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19 Years Ago – Life at Sea – Part XI

October 2nd, 2008 by xformed

From this point, I don’t think I could link post-Hugo events to specific days, but I’ll follow up in the next several days of those things I recall of the days after the storm and the clean up.

To get one part out of the way, the story of the RX-7. I didn’t get out to James Island to my mother-in-law’s house until the first weekend after returning to port, if I recall correctly. Not knowing much more than I had no specific need to have a car in those days, and that it was damaged by a tree, topped with all those duties I had to perform taking priority.

I did finally arrive and I’ll paint a word picture as best as I can. Picture three cars in the drive way. Mine furthest in, the mother-in-law’s next and then my sister-in-law’s. The pine tree, with a diameter of about 30 inches had managed to fall, from it’s location on the side of the house, down the axis of the driveway. The good news? My car held the tree off the other two cars, causing only some minor cracks in the next car’s windshield. The bad, but not that bad under the circumstances news? The frame was in fine shape and mostly it was body damage. All the glass was shattered, the sunroof looked like a “U”, the roof, yes, had a large indentation, the hood was dimpled badly, but intact. Salvageable, in other words. The bad news? Deployment was but 4 weeks away and the family was in another state.

I contacted USAA and asked when they might send an adjuster. Response: “We don’t know, we have lots of customers to handle.” Yes, I know, but I am on the only ship deploying out of this port in 4 weeks and I will need some time to take care of this before this.

That conversation went back and forth a bit util it sunk in. No resolution when I got off the phone, but I was insistent that letting the car sit in the weather for the next 6 months in this condition would cost them more. The next day, I had a call from an adjuster, and the next day I met him as he looked the car over, and handed me a $5400 check to get to work.

A few weeks later, with a hand from a shipmate, Chief Hatherly, to be specific, as he was PCSing to Norfolk, he picked up a trailer and drove me and the car to Virginia Beach, where my wife then took over the duty of getting an extreme makeover.

Next part? A yard with 27 very tall pine trees, and 4 oak trees ended up with something less, and I helped clean up on my free time.Churchill: The Hollywood Years movie full Dressed to Kill movie Asylum movie download Astérix et Obélix contre César release

Intruder movie

The Full Monty rip

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19 Years Ago – Life at Sea – Part X

September 27th, 2008 by xformed

I don’t recall the time, but we finally arrived at the pier at the Charleston Naval Base. We moored starboard side to, bow out at one of the southernmost piers.

The trip up the channel revealed a flattened landscape, the vegetation stripped away along the shores, leaving an eerie feeling for us. The temporary range markers looked like toy replicas of the permanent ones we had been so used to “riding” in and out of port, but they were all there and usable.

The arrival pierside wasn’t greeted with the families and friends. It was the DESRON staff personnel to get us ready for the work effort to help restore Charleston at several levels.

Obviously, we had to make some decision. The work force had a lot of their minds, after being gone since the Monday and now their personal lives were first and foremost in their minds. Our base was decimated, and then the overall civilian community needed help. Beyond our ability to control the assignments, we were tasked with providing working parties men for the Naval Station, the Naval Weapons Station, and the local Red Cross. So, the priorities came…and came, and came. Oh, and the other non-negotiable was factored in: Deployment to the Middle East for convoy escort duty….and did I mention a minor event know as “Change of Command?”

One of those “details” of life at sea now came to the forefront: Water. The base couldn’t provide it. Sounds like not too much of a big deal, as you know we make our own water, but, there are these sticky things called “sanitation regulations.” For health reasons, we do not make water within 3 NM of land. It’s a basic rule to ensure we don’t have the run off from the land, carrying the entrained refuse of humanity, to get into our source of drinking water. Now we were well within that limit, and up a major river. The decision: Fire up the evaporators and “super-chlorinate” the water. That was also a part of the regulations, in the event you ended up in a situation like this, or in some body of water that indicated it may be more polluted than it should be.

Power? Not a problem. Ship’s run their generators alongside the piers all the time.

The takeaway here? The crew, while “in port, homeport,” had a wide variety of extra duties to conduct, well above and beyond any normal set of circumstances. Besides all the working parties, and the routine work that had to necessarily continue, we also were “steaming,” and not “Cold Iron,” which required a more extensively manned inport watchbill. Add to this the family issues, and the uncertainy as to when any of this might return to the “normal” level of Naval chaos we had become accustomed to and comfortable with.

The crew, rolled up their sleeves and got to work, day and night. During the day, they dutifully cleaned debris on our base and the other other government facilities, and those in the community as assigned. When they were done for the day, and not assigned to the duty section, they were out lending a hand to their shipmates families, and their neighbors. The “unattached” crew members were especially helpful, as they had the time, but they willingly helped as they could.

So were were home, in our wrecked homeport, and we had our work cut out for us.

My car? I wouldn’t have the opportunity to get out to James Island to see it. I had a crew to keep running, and a car was not necessary for this, and besides, it wasn’t able to be driven from the description.

Cattle Call
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A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints movie

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19 Years Ago – Life at Sea – Part IX

September 26th, 2008 by xformed

We awoke this morning and got to business. That of still working on what pre-deployment preparations we could do. Some of the energy went towards figuring out the alternate methods we would have to use to accomplish this underway commitment, regardless of where we were moored stateside.

Some of the crew had arranged to rent cars and head for Charleston. We assisted in that process also, particularly for the ones who had destroyed homes to handle up north.

By afternoon, the entire playing field changed. We received orders to get underway and return to Charleston. It turns out that between the Charleston Pilots Association, the Navy (using the minesweepers in Charleston) and I believe the Coast and Geodesic Service, had conducted several surveys of the navigational channel, and the Coast Guard had installed temporary buoys and range markers, all in a 5 day time frame. The channel had not been affected and remained as before.

Preps to get underway, again, but now getting us closer to, and not further from home. The mood improved.The Crucible full

Shredderman Rules the movie

Miranda buy Life's Decisions

A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge psp

Two Weeks Vacation Albert Fish: In Sin He Found Salvation

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