11/22/2008: Victory in Iraq Day

November 22nd, 2008 by xformed

It has arrived:  “VI DAY.”Zombie has a round up of many posts and reports The Visual Bible: The Gospel of John dvd Where Eagles Dare full movie

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The Attic divx from around the net (including the latest report from Michael Yon) that reflects the change from a the opening days of the invasion, to the people walking freely about Baghdad, shopping, socializing and, most importantly, living.It almost was derailed by nay-sayers on one side of the aisle and RINOs on the other, but due to the vision set on a mission, our Military, and supporter by many others, have brought a peace and stability, and a quantum leap forward in human rights to the people of Iraq.

As we say in the Navy at time such as this: “BRAVO ZULU!” (Well done!)

Lives have been lost, but the price paid has ensured freedom and safety that could be gained in no other manner, given the enemy we faced.

Want to join in? Go to Zombie’s post and grab some graphics and put it on your blog, too!

Final note: Have you seriously considered a donation to the Project VALOUR-IT fund? You know, it helps those who made this day a reality for our nation and the people of Iraq. Go here, read about the program, and consider chipping in a little for a great cause (to Team Navy…unless, of course you just have to put your money elsewhere).

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