Last Day for VALOUR-IT: A Time for Thanksgiving

November 27th, 2008 by xformed

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Financial times are a bit rough, but those who stood the watch on our behalf, and returned to the States with less than a full set of abilities paid dearly. You can help put them on the track to success in life by providing some technology that will assist in, first, their recovery from the wounds and then secondly, as a springboard to the work force they will enter.In addition to just donating money, you also have the opportunity to participate in auctions on eBay and possibly come away with some fine books, most of them signed by the authors. Personally, “Six Frigates” by Ian Toll is my recommendation.The thermometer at the top and top left (with the Haze Grey background) have the “Make Donation” button there for your use to send some funds to thei great project.

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For all those who have supported this cause, whether from today, or in the several years of the lifetime of the effort, I thank you for those you have helped. I’m sure those men and women who received the benefit of your charity are more grateful than we can ever know as a result, also.

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