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October 25th, 2007 by xformed

Oct 25th has established itself as a “triple crown” of major military battles in history.

In 2005, I encapsulated details on and links to more information on the Battle of Agincourt – 1415 (remembered by the Henry V’s great speech from Shakespeare), the Charge of the Light Brigade in the Crimean War – 1854, and the Battle Off Samar – 1944.

Update (late PM): And, boy! is there a lot more!

For example:
1940: Benjamin O. Davis, Sr becomes the Army’s first African-American general
1942: Battle of Henderson Field on Guadalcanal begins
1974: USAF launches it’s first ICBM

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2 responses about “Today in Military History”

  1. Steeljaw Scribe said:

    1974: USAF launches it’s first ICBM
    I would submit this one is a bit of a brain-dump on brainhistory’s part. The CGN-65D Atlas was our first operational ICBM and went on combat-ready status in 1959. Even the MIRVd Miniuteman III was operational by 1968, so we are a bit mystified by just what the “first” ICBM was that was launched in 1974… 😉
    – SJS

    ED – Concur. It looked strange to me, yet I didn’t take the time (before the hockey game) to chase that dog into the woods. Dad appraised land for the Corps of Engineers in Montana and surrounding states in the early 60s to site ICBM silos….I should have known better. Now, will we take up the challenge to challenge them on their records?

  2. Oct 25th, XXXX - - It's not random, it's CHAOS! said:

    […] the last 4 years and a month. The journey to discover the story of that man led me down a path to the day, independent of the year, and I have found several amazing military historical events tied to this day across several […]

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