VALOur-IT 2008: New and Improved!

November 11th, 2008 by xformed

It’s time again, readers to take on the challenge of “change” our wounded service members can be transformed by. We’ll never to be able to make them “good as new,” but we sure can help fund technology to make live more livable and, when they hit the civilian workforce, successful. Yes, we can!’s time once again to BEAT ARMY!Dates: It’s on. 11/11/200 – 11/27/2008.Goal: $250K. Team Navy’s bogey: Ever penny you can scrape up….or $50K, which ever is biggest.

Good News: The US Coast Guard, after two years of begging have their own team!

Bad news (for the Coasties): Be careful what you wish for, when you ask to be “equal.” 🙂

Don’t know about VALOur-IT? A program of the most excellent Soldier’s Angels. Details of the specific program to provide technology, in the form of laptops with voice activated software to those with disabilities in the areas of sight or mobility are here.

New and improved, it is! Now, in addition to laptops, items to help provide physical therapy (Nnitendo Wiis do great), aiding in over coming Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) effects and memory loss (GPS systems for those working to be on their own) are being purchased and put in the hands of those who have come back from combat.

You can go an donate here The Little Kidnappers move

If you’re a blogger/website owner and want to join up, at the bottom of the donation page, you can add your name to a service team and get the word out, links are at the bottom of the donation page.

Team Navy is being led by Gahlran of the awesome blog Information Dissemination. Sleuth video Relentless Enemies dvdrip

Moondance Alexander ipod If you’ve not found this excellent professional naval/maritime blog, you’re missing out. Bookmark him for your reading pleasure. He also has some good basic info about the program in his opening post on the drive

download Baseline Killer


Oh, the picture above is MEGEN. We want her back!

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