Monday Maritime Matters

March 3rd, 2008 by xformed

Warm up reading (after you finish this one!): Fred Fry’s Maritime Monday – his 100th edition, btw.

The Land Before Time full movie

and Eagle1 tells some tale of how the ground pounders horned in on nautical work for many, many years.

A blast from the past, or more precisely post #1 in this series.

Foreign Exchange full movie

Still getting the lay of the new land out here, so the postings time for research is at a premium. If you follow the link, I began with some history of the beginnings of the US Navy, when we began to consciously design and build warships. Harken back to the days of wooden ships, iron men, and the decision making process in Congress, and other places, that may remind you of some events today, or not. It was an exciting time, when a particular shipwright created a great design and got the ships to sea, where they performed remarkably well against the former motherland and other enemies in the foreign way.

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