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March 4th, 2008 by xformed

Can handle the thought of putting on cheap plastic specs to get a 3D view of a virtual world?

Good news! Help is on the way!

FANTASTIC PLASTIC: Prototypes made from the photorefractive polymer film so far offer small—four-square inch (10 centimeter)—monochrome images, such as this ethane molecule.
Photo: University of Arizona College of Optical Science
From Scientific American: Good Boy!

Researchers at the University of Arizona’s College of Optical Sciences (OSC) in Tucson, and engineers from Nitto Denko Technical Corporation, in Oceanside, Calif., recently unveiled a prototype of a photorefractive polymer film on which 3-D images can be recorded, erased and replaced with new images. When carried out swiftly enough, this process leads to a series of images on the film that deliver three-dimensional action that can be picked up by the naked eye.

I’m confident I can say a display for your home might be a little pricey right now, not to mention a sort of still in the engineering Frankenstein-istic look about it, too. The “hope” (we hear a lot about that these days) is stuff like this tends to get to be real and affordable one day…hopefully before Darth Vader and friends try to take over the universe.Chasing the Green ipod

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