Sighted: 2/29/2008

March 2nd, 2008 by xformed

“Art still has truth, take refuge in it”

What?  I have no clue what moron would make such a ludicrous statement, let alone wear it in public on a t-shirt.  I wonder if they think every painting really represents a real image any one of us could have observed.  Talk about “living in a fantasy world!”  I’ll blame t on the NEA, who has failed to provide the asterisked disclosure for art teaches to read verbatim to students letting them know some art is called “impressionistic” for a reason.

Ponder it.  If you can explain it to me, I will read your comments carefully…

The Spider Woman hd Booty Call move

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1 response about “Sighted: 2/29/2008”

  1. Richard said:

    I think the statement could be true. The problem is that to many people today wouldn’t know art if it bit them on the leg. Thanks to Uncle Sam’s Canoe Club I saw a lot of the old artist’s work in Europe. That was art that had truth to it. Such beauty! Most of what has been produced lately looks more like trash than art to me.

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