A Must See Slide Show – When A Soldier Comes Home

May 10th, 2007 by xformed

Found the link to a post at Strategy Page @ Captain B’s One Marine’s View blog.

I suspect it was done by CPT Allison Crane, RN, MS, a mental health nurse observer-trainer from the 7302nd Medical Training Support Battalion, and is titled “When a Soldier Comes Home From War”.

Fine work, expresses much, and the best 2-3 minutes (but you can spend many more) looking at the 21 slides that comprise this excellent reminder of a combat soldier’s return to “the World,” but about life in general, too.

Here’s a few of the slides:

They all are worth looking at. Do yourself a favor, go and check it out and see small pictorial of how our service members live in the current combat zone.

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2 responses about “A Must See Slide Show – When A Soldier Comes Home”

  1. Phil said:

    Finding your site was an accident thanks to google, but I like it

  2. Dr. Catharine E. Randazzo said:

    The sentiments attached to this picture log are not a good thing. Yes, some are quite true and indiacte an intolerance for petty gripes. But overall, this leaves me feeling that our service men and women learn nothing from their struggles. They are insentive elitists who find no compassion for, say, those with phobias (fear of flying), a bored son (who is angry and has no way to express it – a failing of his parents), or the anxiety parents have sending their kids into an uncertain world (even for summer camp). I am ashamed to think an Army Capt thinks this way. As a Retired Psychologist (Desert Storm era) for the Navy Marine Corps and Air Force, I know better. And for those who could not learn from thier trying experiences, get help!

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