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May 9th, 2007 by xformed

Holly emailed me this request for the organization she started when she was still in high school and a DEPer. She had taken on the morale support, via care packages to a Marine RECON platoon deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Sort of like our FbL, but younger. Anyhow, if you can lend a hand with CARE packages, here’s some really targeted gouge!

Hello Everyone:

I realize that it has been an extremely long time since I updated any of you. Yesterday, I updated the Help 4th Recon website and today I have addresses.

In April, I had the privilege of meeting four Marines of the 4th Recon. One of these young Marines had lost both legs to the IED that killed Jerimiah. Meeting these Marines put things back in perspective for me. It has been two years last month and it seems that even now, I can get lost in the activities of school, work, and my personal life and forget the importance of this.

My request is that each of you help me to support the Marines and Soldiers listed below. Care packages would be fantastic, but if you can’t do that, something as simple as a letter or a card would mean the world to them. I am so excited about getting the efforts of Help 4th Recon back in action, as I know how much it means to them. Your continued support is the only way we can do this.

Thank you, in advance, for your help. You will find a list of names and addresses below, along with a brief explanation of who these people are and when I know them I’ve included likes and dislikes.

Semper Fi,

PS If you wouldn’t mind, please let me know who you are sending what to so that I can try to cover the rest, so that no one gets left out. Thanks!

Marines in Iraq
Members of the 4th Recon who are currently deployed include:

SSGT Richard Smith
Sgt Robert Harlan (“Bobby”)
Sgt Ryan Matjeka
Sgt Andrew Roig
Sgt Matthew Brake
Sgt Daniel Peters

They can all be contacted through this address, but make sure you put one name at the top:
4th Recon 1st PLT
Unit 43666
FPO AP 96426-3666
This Marine is the husband of my friend Emily, who has strong ties to the 4th Recon. Emily has him taken care of through carepackages (though they would still be welcomed, I’m sure) but Scott could really use moral support.

Cpl. Powell, James Scott
Unit 73960
FPO AE 09509-3960
Soldiers in Iraq
I met Hal two years ago at MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station). Hal was joining the Missouri National Guard. Since that time, he has spent a total of 15 days NOT on Active Duty. He, too, could use encouragement of any form. He particularly likes the Easy Mac macaroni and cheese and the alfredo ones. Any kind of cheese that is non-perishable to send such as Velveeta, he would also love. Pringles are another favorite of Hal.

SPC Williams, Hal
LSA Anaconda
APO, AE 09391
Soldiers in Afghanistan
Ryan aka “Scooter” is my distant cousin. He was recently extended and I’m sure could use any support you can offer. (He hates peanut butter and grape flavored anything.) Oatmeal and Honey Bun snack cakes. He likes horse, hunting, and fishing magazines. Canned pasta like ravioli and spaghetti is always a favorite.

Wheat, Christopher R.
TF Catamount B Co. 2-87 IN
APO AE 09354

On any packages to Ryan, rather than listing your return address, you should put this address as the return address (security reasons):

TF Catamount
10520 Riva Ridge Loop
Fort Drum, NY 13602
I have known David since I was about 12. David is from a small town in Missouri and could use carepackages or letters of encouragement. David likes peanut butter cheese crackers, does NOT like candy except for Jolly Ranchers. However, if you send him candy that would still be great so he can give it to the Iraqi children. He does like salty snacks like chips and sunflower seeds. Again, canned pasta like ravioli and spaghetti is always a favorite. Likes beef jerky, but not spicy or hot (just regular). NO Crystal Lite of Koolaid, but individual packages of tea and lemonade. David really appreciates small devotionals that he can pack with him. (My mom sends him the Daily Bread and his mom sends him another that we can’t remember what at this point. 🙂 David likes hunting and car magazines. I think we have him hooked up on the hunting magazines for awhile, but he still hasn’t gotten any car magazines.

SPC Bradley, David
C Co. 2-35 INF 2nd Plt
25th Infantry Div
3rd IDCT 2-35 INL
FOB Warrior
APO AE 09338
David’s friend Bunce could use anything. The only packages he has received since his deployment has been from my mom and David’s mom. He could really use encouragement. We do not have a first name or anything, so please send it to David with a note telling him it is for Bunce. Again, ANYTHING you can offer to Bunce would be outstanding!

Support Our Troops!

Looks like a pretty through OPORDER to me…get to it!

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2 responses about “Help 4th RECON (USMC)”

  1. Debi Scheiferstein said:

    I belong to a group called HelpingHand-AmericanAngels and just got the names of the guys listed above witht he 4th recon. I’ll be sending letters to them in the next week or so. I’m also printing off some of the other names and will include them. Our group sends care packages, cool-ties, handmade hats and slippers and do up holidays big for the guys and gals overseas.
    Thank YOU for all the awesome work I see being done at this site. Maybe togehter, we can let our soldiers know we love and support them.
    monticello, fl

  2. Valour-IT - Monthly Reminder! - - It’s not random, it’s CHAOS! said:

    […] such as sending beef jerky and powdered energy drinks to the 4th Recon Platoon (see a detailed post here).Are you good at sewing? It gets cold in those MEDEVAC planes, especially when “normal” […]

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