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July 11th, 2007 by xformed

It’s the 11th…but not November 11th. Doesn’t much matter, the soldiers, sailors, airmen, coast guardsmen and Marines still need your support daily.

I happen to be a fan of the life returning and future society changing program of ValOUR-IT:

ValOUR-IT MEGEN at the Beach

If you’d like a full page, printable quality picture of MEGEN in at night, in the amphibious environment, click here and save it!

It’s one of my categories, so it’s easy to see all that has been blogged about here, in case you need to catch up. Over 1000 served, more to follow!But maybe you’re rather contribute in some other way, such as sending beef jerky and powdered energy drinks to the 4th Recon Platoon (see a detailed post here).Are you good at sewing? It gets cold in those MEDEVAC planes, especially when “normal” clothing doesn’t fit anymore. Break out the machine and the knitting needles and help out with Sew Much Comfort.

Maybe you’d like the truth to prevail when a man or woman we sent into combat is accused of something? Then Defend the Defenders, started for Ilario Pantano, but has continued to serve the legal needs of other service members might just be the ticket for you.

You can help the families left behind in several ways, by providing living quarters via the Fisher House, or for their children’s future financial and education needs in several funds.

I have made up a page just for the troop support charities I have come across, so hopefully you can find a place for your passion or talents or money can be useful, not just on special occasions, but year ’round.

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