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May 11th, 2007 by xformed

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ValOUR-IT. We just love those acronyms, and this one is a standout for me.

V(oice) A(ctivated) L(aptops) for OUR – I(njured) T(roops). Born of a disaster, raised up as a success. As of 5/5/2007, in 20 months, 1000 laptops have been handed to our wounded soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines.

The “quality” of the product has gone from a used, purchased on eBay unit, with money from Soldier’s Angels, with a blog reader chipping in the funds for a copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking, to brand new Dell laptops, complete with wireless capability and a copy of Naturally Speaking funded by DoD funds from a program to aid disbaled service members. Along the way, it’s been the leanest and meanest charity I have know. 100% of the donations are “put to work.” Alongside that path of progress are some incredible people, with big hearts and small and large checking accounts.

While the main fund drives for this program happen in the two weeks leading up to November 11th, there is a need to keep the fund flowing year round. If you have a few spare $$$, there is someone who could use it to change the outlook and real opportunities of their future. Donations easily accepted here.

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