A Little Safety Humor from USS STENNIS

March 30th, 2007 by xformed

As a follow onto the successful VAW community music videos, I present this. You know, I’m beginning to wonder why there are so many YouTube type works on the Navy coming out of the aviation community. Is it they submariners and black shoes are too busy, or just not creative enough? You be the judge!

“Safety Chief”

Technical note: I guess I still have to figure out why YouTube videos don’t always play nice in WordPress, so just click and have fun!

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3 responses about “A Little Safety Humor from USS STENNIS”

  1. Steeljaw Scribe said:

    It’s a cultural thing 😉
    – SJS

  2. xformed said:

    The funny thing is I “scooped” the aviators…and a “shoe” ship mate from USS FIRST SHIP pointed me at it in an email this morning….

  3. martin said:

    That was probably the stupidest thing I have ever seen! I was actually embarrassed for the people who participated in it while I was watching it. Complete, and utterly stupid! Dont you have anything better to do? I have seen the music videos posted on youtube, and at least theyre entertaining…that was just sad and pathetic!

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