BIll Engvall Flies with the Thunderbirds

March 31st, 2007 by xformed

Doing some idle channel surfing, looking for some mental bubble gum led me to the Comedy Central a few evenings ago, where they had Bill Engvall doing his new routine “15 Degrees Off Cool.” Bill, if you’re not lighting up on the name, is one of the three comedians featured in the “Blue Collar Comedy Tour” movies. along with Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy.

Anyhow, the routine is pretty good, but the last 10 minutes are the best. Bill got a call from the US Air Force Thunderbirds, inviting him to come to Nellis Air Force Base and ride along as a V.I.P.

Seek out and find the showing on the Comedy Central of “15 Degrees Off Cool” and enjoy a wildly candid, “transparent” monologue about getting a ride in an F-16 Falcon. Don’t be chugging anything liquid once he begins the tale…..

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4 responses about “BIll Engvall Flies with the Thunderbirds”

  1. Starrunner said:

    Man i saw his routine and i was cracking up the whole time, but i would like to find that “recording” he said there was of him going nuts in the back set of that F-16 Tunderbird.

  2. Starrunner said:

    LOL Thunderbird

  3. Brenda said:

    look at AOL videos, they integrate parts of the flight video with the comic routine.

  4. George Smith said:

    Bill is a great guy! I took a group of our Wounded Vets to see his show in Studio City last night and man, was he funny! After the show we had a chance to speak for a few minutes and he told me he was going to Washington D.C. as part of a Veterans Committee this coming week. I gave him my card and he stated that he will call our P.R. Person (who happens to be Gregory Pecks son Steve Peck) to see if he can assist us in “Serving those who Served”
    Thanks for the show Bill!
    As an ex-Navy man from the Vietnam era I appreciate anyone who is willing to give time and effort to help a Vet.
    George Smith
    U.S. Vets
    Case Manager
    Social Independant Living Skills Program
    Long Beach, Calif. 90810

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