I’m Beginning to Think the Left Buys into “Intelligent Design”

March 29th, 2007 by xformed

Scary, I know. Two posts in one day where there maybe a crossroads in the belief (based on faith) of the Right (me) and the Left (I can’t name names).

Generically speaking, when I read the post about posters at the Huffington Post being upset with Karl Rove doing a little rapping last night, it got me to realize for the better part of the last several years (specifically since Nov 2004), the Left taken on faith that Karl Rove has been the master architect of all that has gone not the way they wanted.

They have no evidence, but they are hard after proving their theory. Gee…sounds like “Intelligent Design” to me…We see things of extreme complexity (hello, Al Gore, take notes) in the design of any life form, in the climate, in the solar system and in the universe, and it looks so planned, many people (myself included) cannot say it was all a case of Brownian Motion that has brought us to this point in our ability to observe.

So, welcome Lefties, to a shared conceptual view. Now if you can only see it to expand your scope to things beyond the mighty, all seeing, all knowing Karl Rove, then we will be in much closer agreement.

H/T: Little Green Footballs

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2 responses about “I’m Beginning to Think the Left Buys into “Intelligent Design””

  1. David said:

    Rabbit trail:

    For a real mindbender, try the views on evolution of an agnostic engineer/science/science fiction author in James P. Hogan’s Kicking the Sacred Cow Hogan pretty well demolishes Darwinian/NeoDarwinian pretensions of science.

    And one of the foremost proponents of Intelligent Design–before creationists* hijacked it–was the agnostic astrophysicist, Sir Fred Hoyle.

    BTW, more on point, the leftists seeing the Almighty Karl as the “intelligent designer” is great soap opera. More of this sort, please. 🙂

    *Note: I make a rather hard and fast distinction between reasonable people who believe the biblical creation account (yes, there is one: manufacturing two inharmonious accounts from the biblical narrative requires biblical illiteracy) and “creation scientists” who dishonestly twist science just as much as evolutionists do.

  2. third world county said:

    The Thinking Blogger Award…

    Thanks, Stanford and Angel! You’ve both given me much to think about, and though you both deserve tag backs with noms of your own, since you’ve both been tagged, I’ll try to go further afield with my own tags…


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