Still Here After All These Days

February 19th, 2007 by xformed

UPDATE:  Superceeded.  The move is over, this post remains for historical purposes.


I have been reluctant to post as my domain pointers in the big name server system in the sky has stil not occurred. I keep getting told to be patient, yet…I transferred one other blog in 10 minutes….and the first night I migrated this blog over, so it would pop up all ready to roll about midnight 2/13-14 and I could move back and forth between the two then to make sure I had everything over.

Anyhow, if I post it here, I have to move everything over again (but I believe I have the right sequence, so that the comments, categories, the blogroll and posts keep aligned. I have one more pleading email out to the new hosting place, asking why, after all the basic settings seem to be in place, that the transfer, despite even reclicking the “buttons” at the control panels on each end of the equation once more a few nights ago…..

So…I have everything set up as of the post before this one to re-import (actually reconstruct the databases via SQL) right away.

The good news at least this place has not vanished and the new one not available for the last few days….

Thanks for you regular visitors for clicking in to see if I wrote anything new….I have two posts in my head, not to mention on Wednesday, there will be more of the Z-5-O story in Ropeyarn Sunday and Open Trackbacks…

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