Arrived, Well, Alive I Guess – More Blogging Lessons Learned

February 20th, 2007 by xformed

I suspect I know the answer, but will be trying things out in a few moments. I suspect why one domain and assocaited blog moved so easily is that is wasn’t associated with my first domain and therefore main account. I thing two hosting sites, both pointing the blog and its clone to the same name servers didn’t help…..

Anyhow….I have arrived and even I can get to my blog the “right way.”

I believe I have all the links resetablished to keep the internal functions of the blog intact (going back to older posts), thanks to “find and replace” in WordPad….

Back “online” tomorrow…

For those who have re-found me, thanks for hanging around….

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1 response about “Arrived, Well, Alive I Guess – More Blogging Lessons Learned”

  1. George said:

    Sorry for not having dropped in for a bit, glad I saw the note on the old expiring page to drive by here.
    Excellant writting as always.



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