Faux News: “US Citizens Demand Global Warming Hearings to Turn Up the Heat NOW!”

February 15th, 2007 by xformed

Wouldn’t you like to see this one:

Snow Storm in Toledo

HT: History Mike – Toledo, OH

Dateline 15 February, 2007 – All Across the Northern Mid West through New England and South the DC Area:

Residents still reeling from the vicious winter attack by Mother Nature (aka Gaia) are now demanding Congress get on with the Global Warming issue…but in this strange turn of events, they want Congress to figure out how to make their localities warm once more.

Today, angry calls and emails flooded the Congressional Offices from constituents wondering why Congress wants to stop global warming. From the perspective of towns blanketed in over 100 inches of snow in the last few days, polls conducted by USA Today, the New York Times, CNN and other sources show a significant reversal of the sentiment about how global warming is hurting the planet.

Scientists who have been claiming Global Warming is a coming catastrophe are hearing remarks like this: “If it’s so warm, just where in the H*** did all this snow come from? I personally think they misread their temperature graphs and we’re headed into another ice age!”

So far, no statements have been released from the Speaker’s Office on the subject.

I admit, I’m no Scott Ott of Scrappleface, but…I try.

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2 responses about “Faux News: “US Citizens Demand Global Warming Hearings to Turn Up the Heat NOW!””

  1. Chaotic Synaptic Activity » Still Here After All These Days said:

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  2. SJBill said:

    As you know, all in Nature is cyclic. Mark my weirds, in thirty years the wingnuts will be fretting about global cooling again. At that time it will not be Bush’s fault.

    Enjoy the new url.

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