jfk’s Remarks to College Students

November 3rd, 2006 by xformed

I’m not going to pull up a bunch of links, for much of my post is commonly known information.


Liberals don’t like the military
Liberals think military members are too stupid to get a job “in the real world”
Liberals don’t want the Military recruiting on college campuses
Military recruiting goals continue to be met (which drives liberals crazy)

My analysis:

jfk (for he is not worthy of large letters like the man of stature with those initials who preceded him) last week on a college campus was just out there, using a different tactic to knock back recruiting numbers.

I guess he’s never head of “blowback.”

I’ve commented many times, the Democrats are chasing off the very people who would comprehend strategy and tactics…but, hey, they won’t take my advice.

If you want some real recruiter gouge, check out Station Commando, especially this post! It’s a hoot!

BTW, SC got a hat tip from Chris Muir, the author of the comic strip “Day by Day,” for getting the “Stuck in IraK” picture.

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1 response about “jfk’s Remarks to College Students”

  1. Jason Lomberg said:

    I like what Cheney said- “Kerry was for the joke before he was against it.”

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