Valour-IT: Concidence? I Think Not – A Lesson Learned

November 3rd, 2006 by xformed

Note: I take no pleasure is seeing someone suffer. One’s misforutne, in this case helps teach us all how lucky we are and I’m passing it along.

A member of Soldier’s Angels cuts one of her pinky fingers the day before Valour-IT starts it’s drive this year.

She gets it. Not a good thing to have to suffer to understand, but this thinker and blogger sees how even a minor disability to her typing skills is but a mere shadow of what many suffer from.

“Lessons Learned – Project Valour-IT”

As you know, I cut my finger pretty severely over the weekend, and am still waiting to find out whether or not I’ll need surgery. The pain has been manageable, but what’s driven me nuts is the impediment to my typing. I normally type about 100 or so words a minute, and now I’m back to feeling like a geek while I try to adjust to not being able to use my pinky. Doing everything with my hands requires some adjustment. I can’t get the stitches wet, so I need to shower with a plastic bag over my left hand. Add that to all the other times that I hit it on something, or have to adjust to the temporary loss of that digit, and it’s annoying at best, pretty painful at worst. At the most, I’ll need surgical correction. Either way, I’ll be splinted for several weeks, and will need physical therapy.

And that’s just one pinky, on one hand. A couple of months, and it’ll likely be back to normal. I can still type, although I have to adjust, and I can still do most things with relatively minor inconvenience. And my injury was do to a moment’s stupidity – my fault.

Read the rest here… and think about it.

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