Valour-IT: Major Military Press Story

November 3rd, 2006 by xformed

We made it! Wide area coverage (kinda like and E-2C on station – only a lot bigger!)

From Army Times:

“Bloggers compete to raise cash for computer charity” by Karen Jowers, Staff writer

A competition is raging among Internet bloggers to see who can raise the most money for voice-activated laptops that will be given to severely disabled service members.

The Veterans Day competition, which is organized by Valour-IT, began Monday. It’s goal is to raise $180,000 in 10 days; as of Thursday morning, the total was up to $51,068.

Thanks, Karen, for taking an interest!

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2 responses about “Valour-IT: Major Military Press Story”

  1. Steeljaw Scribe said:

    Most excellent 🙂 Hopefully the MSM will pick up the story too via the behind the scenes efforts currently on-going.

    – SJS

  2. Jason Lomberg said:

    I am now a member of the team 🙂

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