Accessory for the Self-important, Naive and Paranoid Person

September 17th, 2006 by xformed

HT: Glenn Beck’s radio show…

NukAlert Key Fob


Well…I wonder how many liberals are hauling one of these around? What will they think of next for the pet rock purchasing crowd?

C’mon…like this will give you more of a clue than the big fireball in your vicinity? Oh, yeah…maybe one of your fellow travelers is packing a suitcase nuke as a carry on, and you (without a parachute as your carry on) want to know.

Glenn said this is a favorite inside the Beltway accessory.

I’m thinking a e-coli detector you can hold above your mixed green salad would be a hot seller right now….

OH, and the best part (to rip off Glenn), if there is a nuke and it does go off, and you didn’t get enough warning…it’s not like you will be around to sue them in a class action suit. On top of that (we return now to original thought), which of your neighbors has a calibrated “source” out on their tool bench that, while you’re over for a beer on Saturday afternoon, is available to do preventative maintenace checks on your key fob?

Hey…it’s only $160….(or $145/ea if you buy one for your significant other at the same time) mere pocket change for the DC crowd…

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