A Call for Help from WordPress Gurus….

September 16th, 2006 by xformed

Station Commando pointed out that my comments section didn’t work. They had on the 9th, but as I dig about, I found that its not just comments. IT also has renedered the permalinks ineffective, dumping you to the top post.

I did chnage the format of the link titles to the “short form” and then things were working…problem: It negates all the track flaoting about the net….

Anyhow…if anyone has any fixes, I’d appreciate them. After 6 hours of the WordPress forum and different search engines, it’s pointing at the FrontPage extensions, but none of the proposed fixes, that others say worked for them worked for me….

I did, however, in my clicking about, completely disconnect the blog datatabse from the “world,” resulting in my getting a “It looks like you haven’t installed WordPress yet….” error…scary, but, I got in and dug about raw data files until I figured out where ti manually edit the database records, and it all came back, complete with the error of the permalinks not working.

My head hurts, but I’ll go at it more later…

Update: (I was gonna go and take and asprin, but I checked the net one more time…..) The problem is fixed. I found a post where a blogger said he had upgraded to PHP5 and his permalinks died. I then remembered that last weekend, while doing lots of reformatting for the 2996 Tribute Project post, I also changed over to PHP5 from PHP4 at my web host. I just changed it back and permalinks are now functional!

After about 10-12 hours the last three days looking at changes in style sheets, index formats, sidebars, the database and finally chasing my tail off to the MS FrontPage extensions, it was my using the newest version of the scrrpiting language that had caused the problem….go figure.

I hope this helps someone somewhere…

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