It’s Against the Law to Mask Your Face in Public?

August 9th, 2006 by xformed

Man Arrested for T-Shirt over faceSo a guy had a t-shirt wrapped around his face:

Someone who police described as a “concerned citizen” told officers that a “possibly armed” masked man was walking down 10th Street.

Officers found Richardson with a brown T-shirt wound around his head and face, leaving only his eyes uncovered, “like a ninja mask,” police reports said.

He was unarmed, police said.

Great….wasn’t it just in the last few years the ACLU people made sure a Muslim woman wasn’t punished for her burqa face mask in Florida?

Who missed this in 2003?

The Florida statute that criminalizes mask-wearing dates to 1951, enacted with a bill outlawing the burning of crosses in an effort to prevent Ku Klux Klan symbols, according to a Tampa Morning Tribune article from April of that year. Other states have similar laws.

Nope, no profiling here, associating a style of dress with behavior….move along…and by the way, take off that long, black overcoat, would ya?

The law exists because of the close association between mask-wearing and troublemaking, he said.

Will they start arresting all muslim woman who are strick adherents to their beliefs, or will they only pick up and jail non-muslims with t-shirts on their head on the side of the street.

The article begins setting the stage to make sure no one if offended with this lead in:

Watch out, costume partygoers, stage actors and pranksters: Wearing a mask in public is a crime.

No mention of women being ultra-modest, but…maybe it’s just me.

However…there is a “loophole” (go figure!):

There is one day of the year when this rule is quietly dropped from police manuals, McKinnon said: Halloween.

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