Adrift in a Sea of Muddled Assumptions – Part III

August 8th, 2006 by xformed

Part II

I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but it seems something is very wrong in the world of international relations….

Summary of my confussion:

Hezbollah (translated “The Party of Allah”), a military on a shoestring style organization, dedicated to the extermination of those humans of Jewish descent, has conducted cross international boundry incursions to kidnap citizens of another country and susbequently has been launching unguided rockets from Lebanon (a soverign nation, with defined borders), into Israel (a soverign nation, with defined borders – sorry for the repetition, but I want to make sure my assumptions and quandry are understood). Israel, as a recognized nation by United Nations mandate in 1948, responds in an act of self defense to recover the kidnapped citizen (soldiers) and to cause the cessation of the offensive actions of Hezbollah, and thereby keep the rest of their citizen safe from harm.

I understood, maybe falsely, from my education in Civics/Government over the many years, that the purpose of a government was, at the top level, to defend their citizens, where every they may be, and to control those lines in the sand, earth and water, called borders.

The majority of the world leaders chastise the attacked country and tell them to stop protecting their citizens.

The nation from where the attacks eminate from first claims impotence, then (today), says they will send their Army in to assure the peace, if the attackee ceases and desists. The really important answer I need is whether the Lebanese Army is inept, incapable, impotent (in the most derogatory of meanings) or up to the task of taking on an entrenched organization, that has managed to obtain and transport into a soverign nation, heavy military anti-aircraft and -tank and rocket type artillery pieces, as well as standard light infantry rifles and crew served weapons….

The world is upside down and the precedent here is the same situation could now happen across any borders and we will then have a model of how the world is to respond: Praise the attacker (who, via massive media campaigns, claims they have been wronged since time long passed, in this case in point, thousands of years), and pressure the defender to stop defending themselves.

Worse, significant military capability to commit to small unit offensive and attack, are being demonstrated by people wearing civilian clothes, and bearing no significant insignia to declare their affiliation under the Geneva Conventions. This all did not happen because a few guys got together after reading a few W.E.B. Griffin novels, it was a planned and executed strategy, from places with “excess money,” for there is little return on the dollar by stocking up on consumables such as RPG rounds and rockets.

More horrific, these people come into the nation, and build a distributed infrastructure to provide not only defensive strongpoints, but logistical caches of military supplies, with buildings on top of or next to them that are schools, hospitals and places of worship. This did not occur overnight, leading to more questions on the basic function of a nation to know what’s happeneing within their borders. Someone must have noticed the laborers and construction vehicles and supplies necessary to build structures capable of taking on the worst of nature, in a part of the world that is not ravaged by hurricanes, typhoons or tornados. These places of military use are now co-located with the very structures that the International Laws of War say are off limits to intentional attack. Not by accident.

Top it off with Hezbollah directly controlling the releases to the outside world, whether by helping naive CNN reporters on a “quick, Run! RUN!” tour, or directly made threats to journalist of death, if they report on military equipment capability and locations. Add a bit of photo manipulation via such inexpensive as even free photoediting software (more if you prefer Adobe branded product, but still less than most rocket you purchase and at least it gets way more use and is maybe a better spent batch of dollars).

Anyhow, logic seems out the window with world leaders. One day we hold up Mel Gibson for making some very bad remarks (yet he never did a “Lethal Weapon” act on the arresting officer, let alone any ladies in a Jewish community center), and give a pass on a nation’s leader, who stands before a conference of like minded nations and declares, once more, that Israel should be removed from the face of the earth. The next day, writers in the “free world” (not for long at this rate, sports fan, and the writers will go first) echo this sentiment, and declare Israel was a mistake.

In all honesty, if the offspring of Jim Jones took over the southern border of British Colombia and began to lob rockets into Washington State, I’m sure the Canadian Armed Force would quickly respond, and it we had to take some defensive action, that appeared to be offensive, the world would not fault us. Well, strike that, they would, because that’s what the rest of the world does.

A few years back, they put out a movie “A Day Without Mexicans.” Maybe it’s time for a remake “A World Without America.” Who would China sell it’s products to? And that’s just the first question…..

While all of this takes my attention, it’s worth noting there is something of a valuable lesson here this very moment, and actually for the several weeks of the conflict: When a nation fails to protect/defend it’s borders, this is what happens. In the debate over the status of illegal immigration, this scenario has the potential has the opportunity to play out in some of the ways we see between Israel and Lebanon. I hope our elected officials see this clearly.

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