Is Logic Passé?

July 18th, 2006 by xformed

While reviewing the new offerings at Borders, there was one there that caught my eye:


The Revenge of Gaia: Earth’s Climate Crisis and the Fate of Humanity by James Lovelock.

Wow…I guess the living organism concept (oh, yes promoted by this author in his earlier writings) makes one think Mother Earth is really pissed at all of us, swarming like ticks on a dog, and is going to give us a good whopping to make sure we know how mad she is.

Igneous and sedimentary rock formations can now think…

And this in what one reviewer says:

“In his latest book James Lovelock reviews the history of his theory of Gaia and describes the terrible difficulties Gaia will undergo if the Earth continues to heat up. Can Gaia continue to manage the planet with Man, a loose cannon on the deck, releasing carbon dioxide at the rate we do?” – John F. Brinkman from Toronto, Canada

Dunno, I guess we should all see if the Jim Jones Kool-Aid recipe is still available and begin the systematic removal of the most dangerous critter from the planet.

It baffles me that someone who can make complete sentences can ignore such simple truths at the existence of big, and really, really hot floating nuclear power plants in the universe, not to mention the laws of thermodynamics that show that temperatures change from time to time, for those reasons and not because I drove my car to work today.

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1 response about “Is Logic Passé?”

  1. Jason Lomberg said:

    Yep…..gaia is pissed at us. It’s a big conspiracy, with plants, trees, and wildlife all involved. Methinks Mr. Lovelock has been hugging too many trees.

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