Inconvenient Truths & Global Warming

June 21st, 2006 by xformed

Dear Former Vice President Gore:

My I present to you some pictures of natuarlly occuring phenomena that produce lots more problems in regard to the scariest thing ever in your mind:

The Sun

Meet Mr. Sun. He lives in the sky and his insides are very, very hot. In fact, so hot, it blows all the way to Earth with the Solar Wind. The Solar Wind then rubs against our atmosphere and some of the really, really hot energy stays here, making it hotter.


Meet another friend of mine. I learned about Mr. Volcano in elementary school science classes. Mr. Volcano spews lots of hot air and ash into the sky, like you without the ash…

Take heart, though, Mr. Gore, it seems scientists have come up with a way to keep mankind from adding to the problem of greenhouse gases. Maybe you should eat some of these.

Update 06-23-2006: Massive Underwater Volcano Discovered! My hope is the US Congress can pass a law to prevent the eruption before it happens, but I’m not hopeful they can get it on the agenda before the next elections….

Update 07/19/2006: 25 reasons to ignore the rantings of a crazed politician (note: not a scientist) looking for a comeback. H/T: Outlaw Mike

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