NYT: It’s Not New, It’s a Long Term Trend

June 23rd, 2006 by xformed

I don’t turn the TV on much, but last night late, I clicked on over to the Military Channel and they had a show on the Coast Guard in Combat in Vietnam. Good story, describing the development of their deployments and duites, early in the Me Cong Delta area, then later in the Rung Sat Special Zone.

How timely a bit of knowledge, given the NYT feels compelled to disclose another National Security program that is being used to keep their city from being attacked again. I maybe watch 20 minutes of TV a week, and there this story was when I fired up the tube….

One side light was about a LORAN-C Navigation System being put in place well from shore. The Chief Petty Officer who set it up was told it was to help with search and rescue efforts. The reality the Air Force had it put in so the bombers could more accurately bomb (stated as 50 YD error system). The project was named “Operation Tight Reign”.

In 1965, a New York Times reported visited the site, and later published an article saying the base was put in with the navigational system to support strategic bombing. The Chief’s boss called to chew him out, but the Chief never had a clue that’s what it was used for. It turns out someone in the Air Force, I believe at the Pentagon, leaked the information.

I think it’s time for a new marketing slogan for the NYT:

The New York Times: Contributing to the loss of America lives for over 40 years!

Interesting side note from the Tight Reign history document (link above): The C-123 began it’s life as a haevy assault glider. The engines were added later, but the design had no room for fuel tanks in the wings. All fuel was carried in external drop tanks…talk about re-use of engineering work!

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  2. Rhymes With Right said:

    NY Times Concedes Financial Monitoring Is Right — But Wrong Because Bush Did It

    That is, after all, what it comes down to in this editorial — the Administration used legislation passed by a Democrat Congress and Signed By Democrat Jimmy Carter, as well as the Patriot Act, to monitor financial transactions by terrorists….

  3. Jason Lomberg said:

    I could be wrong, but isn’t disclosing classified national security secrets, I dunno, illegal? I can’t remember the exact letter of the law. It may simply be the leaker who is culpable. But in either case, someone, be it the leaker or the NY Times editor who thought the public had a “right to know” classified national security secrets, should be brought up on charges of treason. I can imagine no clearer case of such a charge, apart from the “American Taliban” John Walker Lindt, or those homegrown conspirators who were threatening to blow up the Sears Tower. As the saying goes, “Loose lips sink ships,” especially when the “lips” are very deliberate in revealing sensitive information.

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  7. kurt said:


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