Adrift in a Sea of Muddled Assumptions – Part I

July 20th, 2006 by xformed

With the Middle East issues coming to blows, and the Naval Academy courts-martialing a Midshipman, I’m thinking it’s time to sort through our box of paradigms and toss out the old ones, and then get the new ones, which, more than likely will cost us some amount of effort, but…I think it’s necessary.

In a microcosm, the current Israeli-Hizbollah-Lebanon conflict provides a model of a new form of warfare. It’s not that other hadn’t thought of this, but it’s more that Hizbollah is showing you can run a military force (in conventional terms), without the overhead. Think about it: No uniforms to issue, then have to haggle with some lobbyists from the textile industry every few years and have to buy everyone (or cause them to buy) new stuff to wear. As far as base infrastructure, if you’re using someone’s house, they are paying the utility bills and doing the routine upkeep. You may have to help out if you plan to dig a tunnel through the area, but…it’s still on the cheap.

Like the VC, they stash weapons and ammo around, in a warehouse here, a home there, maybe hit up the local imam to use the utility room at the mosque, too. From a soldiers point of view, it’s not like they have to memorize their weapon serial number and have to account for it. In this case, the loss of capital assets has to be a bigger expense than the US Congress would allow, on a percentage basis…anyhow, Hizbollah is the proxy for Iran, which helps out on costs for the Iranians. I’m sure they aren’t putting money aside for their retirement.

Confusing…but, not if you think about it for a while. It does require that we (the rest of the world) re-look at international law and the (recently much misunderstood) Geneva Conventions. For that matter, I think the SCOTUS staff anf leadership need some serious back to school work about what constitutes a “treaty,” particularly in the INternational arean. It seems like not all that long ago, several of them thought using foreign law would be good for the us (another reason the re-evaluate how you think about the seating of judges), yet they seem to have completely missed the point on International Law.

Anyhow…and what about midshipman? Well, CDR Salamander has the lead, but a blog, The Countervailing Force, he found has blow by blow reports of the Courts-martial of Lamar Owens. Sick at the core. The woman gets immunity and spills her guts about a long list of behaviors, any ONE of which would roast you and your career as a Naval Officer, and the male is headed for possibly a Conduct Unbecoming and Officer charge, which….also gets you the boot from the officer corps. It appears when she said “no” after she had asked him to “come on down,” he did the right thing: He got up and left. So…picture a career down the tubes for two people raging hormones, which has come to be acceptable behavior in about every venue of civilian and military life, but one party took the directions and left, but the other party may still assume the office of the leader of young men and women in the Marine Corps.

It reminds me about a line from “Ghost Busters” about dogs lying down with cats, etc, etc, etc…

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