"Sammie B" Crewmen Commemorate the Mine Blast

May 29th, 2008 by xformed

The date of the event 20 years ago slipped by, but it is a moment in the history of the US Navy worth keeping in mind: 4/12/1988, the day the Crew of the USS SAMUEL B ROBERTS (FFG-58) tangled with an Iranian mine and came out winners.

I found my way to a story in the Mayport Mirror of the 20th anniversary ceremony held at Bath Iron Works in Portland, Maine by backtracking search engine hits on this blog:

USS Samuel B. Roberts Honors Ship’s Past

From USS Samuel B. Roberts

USS Samuel B. Roberts (FFG 58) joined former shipmates in remembering a blast in the ship’s history.

On April 14, 1988, Sammy B. was rocked by a mine blast while underway in the Persian Gulf. USS Samuel B. Roberts Commanding Officer, Cmdr. Wally Lovely, and five other crew members traveled to Portland, Maine on April 11 to commemorate the 20-year anniversary of the mine blast. The weekend of remembrance included a welcoming reception, a presentation from Bath Iron Works Corporation, the company that built Sammy B., and concluded with a ceremonial dinner in downtown Portland.

Noted in the text of the article:

Retired Capt. Paul X. Rinn, the first commanding officer of Sammy B., was in command during the mine incident. He gave accounts of the heroism, loyalty, and devotion to duty which he saw firsthand. Rinn referenced a brief he received from Naval Sea Systems Command who determined that the mine blast “should have sunk the ship in less than thirty minutes.”

He ended his remarks by stating that “the ship would have sunk had it not been for the expertise and hard work of the members of BIW, and the dedication and determination of the crew.”

Words worth considering about professional ship builders, team work and training. If you haven’t read the “long form” of this comment, then you have missed a well done documentation of the entire history of this fateful day by Brad Peniston. Get your hands on a copy of “No Higher Honor” Children of the Corn divx and settle down for an engaging read.

In the meantime, BZ to the Captain and Crew of the Sammie B who spilled their blood and sweat to bring her home and the BIW workers who put her back to sea.

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