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May 27th, 2008 by xformed

Not computer related, but great technology from the medical field, and sadly from something bad, there are doctors and researchers are working on something very good for everyone. Salamander-inspired therapy may aid injured vets from CNN: Maverick video The Forbidden Dance move

Steel Magnolias film

Defiance dvd

By Larry Shaughnessy
CNN Pentagon ProducerSAN ANTONIO, Texas (CNN) — Last week in an operating room in Texas, a wounded American soldier underwent a history-making procedure that could help him regrow the finger that was lost to a bomb attack in Baghdad, Iraq, last year.

Army Sgt. Shiloh Harris’ doctors applied specially formulated powder to what’s left of the finger in an effort to do for wounded soldiers what salamanders can do naturally: replace missing body parts.

If it sounds like science fiction, the lead surgeon agreed.

“It is. But science fiction eventually becomes true, doesn’t it?” asked Dr. Steven Wolf of Brooke Army Medical Center.

Harris’ surgery is part of a major medical study of “regenerative medicine” being pursued by the Pentagon and several of the nation’s top medical facilities, including the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and the Cleveland Clinic. Nearly $250 million has been dedicated to the research.

Amazing, and life changing for all trauma victims in the future.

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