Wonder What Gets You Fired as a "Christian Zealot with a Pen?"

January 18th, 2008 by xformed

Here’s the paper done by MAJ Stephen Coughlin, USAR Bra Boys download that got him shoved out the door as a consultant for the Pentagon, because a retired Naval Officer didn’t like his tone in meetings….

Update: You know, just because his accuser, a high ranking civil servant now (GS-15) didn’t like him, can we ever expect him to be called a “Muslim zealot with a pen?” I didn’t think so, not in the age of American guilt.

Update: Navy CAPT Gordan E. Van Hook, in a letter to the Editor of the Washington Times on 1/15/2008, suggests the dismissal of Stephan Coughlin was an issue fiscal responsibility, Major Coughlin being pad for on a “bloated” contract:

Mr. Gertz and Miss West may want to further investigate what the American taxpayers were paying for Mr. Coughlin’s product and who the good steward was that decided to terminate the bloated contract.

If the issue was mis-sepnt taxpayers dollars, I’d suggest the Gordon England has far bigger targets to be investigating than a single contract for a consultant (who happened to upset a Muslim on his staff), such as the cost overruns in the LPD-17 and LCS procurement contracts. Far better return on the taxpayers dollar getting some of those multi million dollar issues solved. I’m sure Stephen Coughlin’s man year didn’t cost us anywhere near $1M/year.

And, CAPT Van Hook acts like no one understands how the system works when people disagree because of personal issues:

Yes, Mr. Islam is a Muslim, and yes he has a view of the religion that does not necessarily coincide with Mr. Coughlin’s, but those who suggest our Defense Department cannot hold different points of view do not understand how the system works.

How it is supposed to work is the people who object because it offends their faith should be told that’s not a consideration. On top of that, you could always toss in the “separation of church and state” argument, and a civil servant is a part of the state…

How it really works is how it did: Golden boys or girls get ahead at the whim of their patrons, and then the other gloden boys/girls chime in to justify the inappropriate behavior.

Nice going, CAPT Gordan E. Van Hook, USN: Score one for supporting a personal view, that is in fact detrimental to our National Security, win the day. Looking for some stars for your collar, are you? Better be kissing up to other than those put in place by President Bush, or haven’t you gotten the Early Bird lately?

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