War By Other Means

January 18th, 2008 by xformed

Ah, the rise of the “lawyers” caste of society. Stuck on a dead language (IMHO so that we will “need” them), they are also a “tool” of war

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and the enemy is skillfully using them. The linked article is but one example. There are many.

We are in a difficult war against an unprecedented enemy. Its members deliberately disguise themselves as civilians and carry out surprise attacks on innocent civilian targets. They do not have a territory, city or population. They are trained to claim abuse when captured and to appeal to the legal system to tie up democracies in knots.

It is a difficult job for our government and armed forces to adapt the rules for war to such an unconventional, non-state opponent.

And: Just in case you want to buy into the “torture doesn’t work” philosophy, it appears “being nice” doesn’t work, either:

Jabarah, 26, initially worked as a government informant after he was brought to the U.S. from Canada in 2002 after his capture in Jordan. He pleaded guilty to the terror charges that summer in a secret proceeding, without mounting a defense, and briefly lived in an FBI-arranged housing facility rather than a prison while he worked as a collaborator.

“Jabarah was extensively debriefed by the FBI and prosecutors and provided a considerable amount of valuable intelligence,” prosecutors said in court papers.

That changed, authorities said, when agents searched his quarters and found weapons, bomb-making instructions and materials suggesting he intended to murder some of the agents with whom he was dealing.

Then factor in the Kelo decision and there you have it!

Update: and it’s not just an issue within our borders, either.

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