Third CMOH Winner: LT Michael Murphy, USN

October 11th, 2007 by xformed

Big time H/T to Flag Gazer:

LT Michael Murphey, USN
LT Michael Murphy, USN will be awarded (posthumously) the Congressional Medal of Honor.

LT Murphy was killed during the surveillance operations in Afghanistan documented in Marcus Lutrell’s book: “Lone Survivor.”It is also the first MOH awarded for combat operations in Afghanistan.

Update 10/12/2007: Official Navy Report here.

Local coverage of LT Murphy, with links to a series of 11 stories about the man who served his men and us to the end is here in Newsday, including a video interview with his parents.

Here is a tribute to Lt Murphy from the FDNY Engine 53 and Ladder 43 company, whose badge Michael wore onto combat as a memorial to those who died 9/11/2001 in his home town (Long Island).

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  1. Barb said:

    This is very good news, very glad to see it happen.

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