Wanted: Water Carriers for Today and for ValOUR-IT 2007

October 5th, 2007 by xformed

It’s too early to cal to employ one for today, so I’ll draft one: SteelJaw Scribe.

I know I can count on him for excellent posts about the aviation world, the naval aspects in particular. Today he goes back to more details of “oddities” of carrier aviation, covering more details about B-25 Mitchells flying on (we know well of them flying off…) carriers, and more feasibility testing conducted with that airframe, which, while seemingly a non-issue, was actually an in road to the world of jets aboard CVs.

(Thanks, SJS!)

In the meantime, I am working on The.Next.Big.Thing. Also, it’s this time again.


Do you have your PayPal buttons close at hand? You’re gonna be needing them. Plans for such overpowering success as Team Navy enjoyed last year are in the works. If anyone knows a Marine/Marine related blogger who wants to get their feet wet (but we know that’s what Marines do best) making an assault this coming campaign, tell them to “STEP UP, MARINE!” and send their muster report. The Marine Blogger of 2006 ValOUR-IT fame, Villaineous Company hung up her keyboard a few weeks ago. In other words, the Marines in our midst are currently “headless.” What they should go looking for is one of those “strategic corporals” they have created with their world renowned training regimen and combat experience. If you know anyone interested, get them in touch with me (in comments or via email) and I’ll hook them up with the volunteer selector.

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