Some Fight Terrorists, Some Go After Scammers

July 8th, 2007 by xformed

Not that it takes near as much “intestinal fortitude” to chase down the guys sending your emails from Nigeria as it does to run headlong towards a flaming Jeep Cherokee and give a good kick in the bullocks to a terrorist, but be comforted in knowing some people are taking it to the ones who fill your email box with requests to help them free up the fortune, and you will receive a piece of it…
it seems some people have formed up into teams to purposely bait scammers into being humiliated by tricking them into thinking they found someone to rape the bank accounts of…

They ever award trophies….

Some of the sites where you might want to enlist to help the cause:

419eater, Scamorama and aa419.

The article I read in the St Petersburg Times (can’t find it there, but here is the original New York Times article) says the scam baiters won’t identify themselves, but did grant interviews over the phone.

St Pete Times article “Cunning ‘victms’ turn tables on Internet scams” 7/6/2007 says:

Their motives may seem altruistic, but not all law enforcement officials approve of their tactics, which can include entrapment and humiliation.

Gee, am I missing something? Humiliation in return for trying to commit international identify theft, wire fraud, and then abscond with the big $$$? Oh, well, some police person (in Lyons, France) said this:

They are fraudsters and they are not good people, but they have their human rights.

Leave it to the MSM to tell us how these wanna be, or maybe already, crooks have human rights.

Anyhow, news from the “front” in another kind of war. Just thought you’d like to know…

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