Speaking of Green Flight…

July 7th, 2007 by xformed

NASA's Solar Challenger
Solar Challenger in flight (Click the pic for more of the story)
Maybe everyone flying to “We have to make carbon to reduce it” Live Earth Concerts should consider investing in this type of aircraft, before they foul my breathing air anymore.Oh, and Solar Challenger successfully crossed the English Channel this day in 1981 (5 hours 23 Minutes)….

Al Gore, please call NASA flight schedule and ticketing office!

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2 responses about “Speaking of Green Flight…”

  1. University Update - Al Gore - Speaking of Green Flight… said:

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  2. David said:


    Algore in a plane like that? He’d exceed the carrying capacity. OTOH, he’s so full of hot air, perhaps that would offset some of the rocks in his head.

    BTW, you have been tagged with the "Eight Things blogosphere meme pool tag game. 🙂

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