Jihad to the Left of Me, Jihad to the Right,…

April 26th, 2007 by xformed

…Suicide bombers blew themselves asunder!

With apologies to the fine poet Rudyard Kipling. So, some “relevation” about history to me:

We think Jihad is some incredibly new creation, only because of recent events at the end of the 20th Century, and because of America and it’s self-imposed arrogance. Nope…wrong answer.

I have been bumping across some history and last August, I found an article from a Soviet General, who was in fact one of those big shots with a “seat at the table,” describing how the Soviets, in the aftermath of the 6 Day War, knew they couldn’t beat us militarily. They realized that the concept of “Jihad” could be stimulated and used to not attack America, but her closest ally, Israel. That pushes it back to the mid-1900s (well, almost the middle, but before we attacked Iraq in even 1991).

Guess who else used this trick? The Kaiser. Go figure: Common enemy of the Germans pre-WWI and the Ottoman Empire was the Russians. The Kaiser and his peeps latched onto that. My reference: The History Channel’s show “The First World War: Jihad.” Not only did it factor into the First World War, it became the thorn in the side of the British Empire in the Middle East. There you have it, the dots from today are connected back into the end of the 19th Century.

Just why did the United States of America put a Navy of 6 frigates to sea? American commerce from the Middle East, through the Mediterranean was being raided and the ship’s crews were enslaved. The discussion between the Federalists and the Republicans was quite spirited, and in March 10th, 1794, the Act to Provide a Naval Armament was passed. It did have a clause requiring the dismantling of the Fleet when the “Algerian” situation was under control. Source “Six Frigates” by Ian Toll. Now we’re back to when America was but a small, mostly coastal Nation, only greatly invested in commerce, and in fact, had remained neutral after the Revolution, which war raged in Europe. Much profit was made like this, capitalism has a long, long history with this country! So now we are into the 18th Century with Jihad. Oh, yes, it was already happening when we became a nation.

Answer this: Why did Columbus sail west? Yes, it was to find new trade routes to the “Far East.” Not a thorough enough answer, being merely superficial. Just think, it was like going to the Moon for us. Great adventure, great risk, but the opportunity for reward for the Spanish. Sometimes it’s what’s not said. Check the expanse of the Muslim Empire in the 1490s. Yes, it laid across the entire Middle Eastern trade routes. Columbus went west, not for the chance to get scurvy, but because the Islamofascists were doing what they do best: Stealing, killing, beheading and forcing conversion to Islam with a knife at your neck. So there: Back to the 15th Century, when Jihad was making life miserable.

Long before the United States of America and it’s population declaring before all man kind that they were taking a stand that God had granted all humans rights of “life. liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” Mohammed’s anti-social agenda had already been at work. That cannot be discounted, unless, you purge all history books, not even keeping one set for those who deem themselves above the rest of us. History: Don’t leave home without it….

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