Navy Together We Served Adds Feature to Find USMC Shipmates

April 26th, 2007 by xformed

It’s a small note in the main page at log in, but pretty significant for us “Sea Service” types: Navy – Together We Served now allows you to enter the Marines – Together We Served site to seek our your green clad shipmates!

Tracked back @: Yankee Sailor

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1 response about “Navy Together We Served Adds Feature to Find USMC Shipmates”

  1. Eric (Doc) Willard said:

    I’m active Navy and heard of many people registering on this site. I was a little worried that on the main page, there’s no contact info, no indication of who is running this site. For all I know, this is run by a terrorist group (in a far off chance, I know) and it’s used to track military numbers. I have no knowledge of how safe the info is, or if it’s protected at all. I’m going to keep searching for OFFICIAL reviews of it before I register.

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