Trading Honor for Cold, Hard Cash – With Permission, Of Course

April 8th, 2007 by xformed

I know some around the net, including some of my professional serving peers indicated we should sit back and listen for the truth behind the Iranian-British hostage situation before passing judgment on behavior, but this takes the cake:

“Fury as the Hostages Sell Stories” from the UK based Times Online.

It seems the MoD has authorized an exception to the ban against military members making money off their service experiences.

The 15 British military captives who were released by the Iranians have been authorised by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to sell their stories.

MoD officials claimed that the move to lift the ban on military personnel selling their stories while in service was justified because of the “exceptional circumstances” of the case. The hostages are expected to earn as much as £250,000 between them.

The story of Faye Turney, 26, the only female among them, is expected to be the most lucrative. She could profit by as much as £150,000 from a joint deal with a newspaper and ITV.

The MoD bracketed the hostages’ 13-day captivity in Iran — including appearances on state television by some to admit straying into Iranian waters — with winners of the Victoria Cross.

What can I saw but I think I’m not going to think the best of these 15 members of the Queen’s Own any longer. Even the one who “didn’t break,” for he think he should get more than the others, except he knows the female angle will take the largest purse.

I’m sure two retired Colonels will have more to say about this shameful money grab.

I’m glad we had our Adm Stockdale’s, Senator McCain’s and Captain Lance Sijan’s in our history, and those three names are but a few of the many who have honored us with their resolve recently and in the past conflicts we have had.

But this story of greed begs the question: Will the President of Iran get personalized, signed copies of each book for his collection? Oh, and I wonder how big the promotion will be for the Middle Eastern book signing tour? will the MoD grant them extra leave, or make them wait until they have completed their service time?

I’m a little steamed about it all myself.

Oh, and don’t forget to check eBay regularly in the next few days for your chance to win the auctions on the items from the goodie bags they received as a “thank you” for stopping by present.

Besides being a sad statement of military good order and discipline, it sure lends itself to a range of comedic scripts…more on that later.

H/T: Little Green Footballs – “British Hostages Sell Stories for Big Cash”

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2 responses about “Trading Honor for Cold, Hard Cash – With Permission, Of Course”

  1. David said:

    Another example of people who just don’t get it that honorable behavior is actually the best press (quite apart from just being the right thing to do).

    Michael Yon has more on the way stupid greed (as opposed to enlightened self-interest, which MUST include honorable behavior–that’s a big element of the “enlightened” part) is losing the media war in the GWOT, with specifics from the Iraq adventure… *sigh*

  2. Trading Honor for Cold, Hard Cash - BUT WAIT! There’s More - - It’s not random, it’s CHAOS! said:

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