Looking for Ship History?

April 7th, 2007 by xformed

I found the .pdf files for one of my commands, courtesy of the taxpayers dollars!

Naval Ship Histories has the CNO mandated monthly history reports scanned in for some ships. I got the see some of the formal submissions I wrote!

There isn’t every ship, but your’s just might be one of them.

Also, as a bonus for reading this post, thanks to Eagle Speak, I found out the DoD publishes a “Bloggers Roundtable”, where there is material to address some of the issues and news in the blogs:

Welcome to the archives of the “Bloggers’ Roundtable.” Here you will find source material for recent stories in the blogosphere concerning the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Global War on Terrorism by bloggers and online journalists. Where available, this includes transcripts, biographies, related fact sheets and video.

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1 response about “Looking for Ship History?”

  1. Dale B said:

    Thanks for the pointer. My ship was actually listed for the years I served on her. It turns out that my memory of when some significant events occurred was completely wrong; wrong to the point that I even had which deployment wrong. It’s sure depressing what 35 years will do.

    Thanks again.

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